Create a stadium atmosphere at home with a projector

Hosting a football match party this summer? You may need a bigger screen for that big game feel. A projector is the way to upscale…

05 Apr 2018

If you’ve only got a small TV, you can still create a huge stadium atmosphere to watch your favourite sports through a projector.

Just add some cheering mates, flags, a few beers and soggy pies at half-time and it’ll almost be like you’re there in person.


Why get a projector?

Projectors are very versatile and offer great value for money. They can produce giant pictures but aren’t fixed in size – you can have an image from 30 to 300 inches depending on what you’re watching. They’re also super-portable for when you want to take the action elsewhere.

They can produce vivid, colourful images too, although quality does depend on the number of lumens, contrast ratio and resolution. The more lumens, the better the image will be, while a high contrast ratio will give you a more realistic image. A high resolution means your picture will be sharper and more detailed. This is especially important when you’re projecting a larger image.




Best projector for indoor partiesEpson projector

We love the Epson Full HD Home Cinema Projector – it’s a powerful machine that can produce high-quality images of up to 300 inches in size. With it you can:

  • Enjoy bold and bright colours with crystal-clear images projected in full 1080p, giving you a big screen cinema experience
  • Fine tune the image depending on the content you’re watching with different pre-set modes 
  • Set it up and pack it away easily as it’s lightweight and compact
  • Connect it to your home Wi-Fi to stream videos from the internet as well as watch TV content and play games
  • Watch in light conditions as well as dark thanks to a brightness rating of 3100 lumens – perfect for both daytime and night matches

Get the Epson Full HD Home Cinema Projector

Football outside

Best portable projector for taking the action outside

If you’d prefer to take your football parties outdoors, why not consider the Nebula Capsule Smart Projector? Weighing just 420g, it’s the same size as a can of pop and is completely wireless. Perfect for turning your garden into a theatre of dreams for evening matches/BBQ.

Nebula projector body

With the Nebula Capsule you can:

  • Fit it into your pocket so you can enjoy sport, films and videos almost anywhere
  • Produce an image of up to 100 inches
  • Mirror your smart devices thanks to wireless functionality and a 360-degree built-in speaker
  • Run your favourite apps directly from the projector with Android 7.1
  • Play video games while casting wirelessly from apps such as Miracast and AirPlay

Get the Nebula Capsule Smart Projector

Nebula Projector

What else do I need?

There are some accessories you might like to consider for getting the most out of your projector. Adding a screen means you don’t have to worry about finding a blank wall large enough for the image.

There are screens you mount on the wall or ceiling, as well as portable ones with stands that you can set up and take down as you please.

A tripod will support your projector so it doesn’t topple over, making you miss a vital goal. And when you're screening outside, a power bank is handy for staying juiced up.

Gaming Nebula

Life after football…

Projectors aren’t just for sport of course – they’re great for watching movies, TV and playing video games too. And you can connect your computer to bore everyone with your holiday snaps in life-size detail.


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