Create pukka grub fast with a Tefal food processor

A food processor turns a laborious, time-consuming job into a party in a plastic jug, chopping carrots and onions in seconds regardless of your knife skills

28 Dec 2012

Modern life can sometimes leave us feeling like we've been dragged through a hedge backwards. Increasingly demanding bosses, Sardine-packed trains and kids who throw paddies like Hugh Hefner throws parties mean many of us struggle to find the time to cook proper food.


With a young family, a restaurant business empire, enough TV shows to fill the Radio Times and hair so expertly dishevelled it could have made its entrance via the proverbial garden bush, Jamie Oliver knows all about the demands of the modern world.

So who better to teach us how to cook tasty and nutritious masterpieces in less time than it takes to whiz up beans on toast? Oliver makes fast, healthy food seem annoyingly effortless in Channel 4's 15-Minute Meals, turning out glazed pork fillet and tapas bruschetta in quarter of an hour while we watch slack-jawed from the sofa, vowing that tomorrow we will follow his lead. However, before you ditch the fish fingers for the fettuccine make sure you have the right kit.

The challenge of turning the raw, uninspiring ingredients in your carrier bag into the kind of robust, flavoursome food that stimulates our senses in 15 minutes may seem a big ask. But Oliver insists it can be done, provided you remember the two Ps - planning and preparation.

We're urged to have our ingredients out, our kettles boiled, our pans nicely warming and our food processors chomping at the bit. Nothing can be left to chance.

In 15-Minute Meals we see how a food processor turns a laborious, time-consuming job into a party in a plastic jug, chopping carrots and onions in seconds regardless of your knife skills. The vegetables jig around inside in a way Oliver would have described as 'funky' back when he was a Naked Chef who found most things 'pukka'.

But as the years have passed and Oliver has morphed from Mockney chappie to serious food and nutrition crusader, his trusty food processor has remained close.

Whether you want to chop, dice or slice, a food processor can sort you out (even if you fancy yourself as a bit of a tiger). With one on your side, time will be too. Its blades whir faster than Oliver demanding answers on school meals, rendering useless the excuse of 'not having the time' to cook.

Making fresh pesto for the kids may have previously seemed a step too far on the back of a draining commute, but with a Tefal processor you can have it whipped up almost as soon as you could open a shop-bought jar.

And if you've been put off cooking casseroles by mountains of chopping, sore fingers and the smell of onion overpowering your eau de toilette, try again with the Tefal range. A thankless task that left mothers crying into their onions behind mountains of peel boxed off at the push of a button.   

Oliver first captivated our imaginations in the Naked Chef, inspiring a generation of home cooks with stripped-back cooking and the re-branding of food as the new rock and roll. Each episode was rounded off with a horde of depressingly hip friends being invited into Oliver's almost as depressingly hip London pad to let them sample what he'd cooked. Lighting would be low, jeans would be lower (as well as Japanese and very expensive) and the music - you guessed it - low-fi.

The quality of the food was much higher than everyone's jeans though, and a Tefal processor can help you recreate some of the recipes that kept Oliver's hipster friends happy.  

Whizz lemongrass, chillies and ginger to a pulp, with the same results whether it's you or the great man himself pushing the button. Of course, once it's been smeared onto meat and griddled his will be nicer, but your efforts will likely still have your gang clamouring for more, whether wearing expensive Japanese denim or regular stonewash.
Whether catering for family or friends, in 15 minutes or 30, a food processor can help you make time to cook.

So if you're tired of feeling like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards, pick up a processor and take one big culinary step forwards.

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