Create the stadium atmosphere in your front room

Bring the big game home with a sports set up that can’t be matched

12 Jun 2020

Are you a footy fan? Then you need a TV that makes you feel like you're part of the crowd!

Gone are the days when we had to crowd round a little box in the corner to watch fuzzy football. With technology like glorious 8K resolution, bigger screens and incredible surround sound - modern tellies go further than ever before to make you feel like you’re part of the action. Because when there’s only 5 minutes to go and your team are on course for a historic win – you don’t want to miss a moment.

Here’s how you can turn your front room into a matchday stadium experience. Without the toilet queue.

You will need:


Big screen

What’s the big game without a big screen to match? With a 65-inch screen or above, you can fit in far more of the action. Forget those blurry projections of live games down the pub. A bigger screen means more detail, not less!

We’re talking about crystal clear TVs that let you see it all – the nerves on the keeper’s face when it’s penalty time, the ball slamming into the back of the net, even individual blades of grass on the pitch. With a big screen, you feel like you’re on the touchline.


8K picture

And talking of quality, if you want to the next level of detail – go 8K. The depth it brings to that Cup Final showdown is incredible – making things feel like 3D. It’s also a great time to upgrade – as 8K becomes the sporting standard. The technology will also give broadcasters the ability to shoot at a wider angle with fewer cutaways. So, you’ll stay immersed in the action.

And it doesn’t matter if the game you’re watching isn’t being shown in 8K. The beauty of new 8K TVs is that content gets upscaled. So, for example, 8K screens can take 4K footage and make it even more detailed and lifelike. All thanks to some pretty amazing computing.

Stadium sound

While topflight TVs come with some pretty impressive sound, it’s always good to take audio to the next level with a soundbar. The great thing about the slim profile of modern TVs means that there’s room for a soundbar underneath without making your set up looked cluttered. And you can get wireless models – so they’ll go wherever you want them.

Top soundbars support hi-res audio – so the roar of the crowd will match up with the lifelike visuals on display. And at halftime you’ll be able to ask Google or Alexa to play the music you want. And no  wait for the bar either!


And all the comforts

And to upgrade your season ticket to a box seat, why not go the whole hog and install a comfy chair, a dedicated beer fridge and a few of your team’s flags on the wall?

After all, you’re now equipped with the audio and visuals fit for match day. So how about the drinks and snacks to go with? Pro tip: You might want to check with your partner or flatmate first…


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