Delivering tech that makes a difference to Age UK

Currys are proud to announce our new charity partner - Age UK 

05 Apr 2020

Backing up the people who give back

This is a difficult time for everyone, no matter who you are. But it’s especially tough for those of us who are most vulnerable: people who are in high-risk groups for getting COVID-19, who are apart from their friends and family, whose usual support networks are under strain.

That’s why it’s more important than ever that we help not just those communities, but the people that help them. When people work together to defend the health and happiness of those around them, we achieve astounding and inspiring things. Just look at the gratitude and outpouring of support for our NHS workers in Clap for our Carers

Moments of unity like this confirmed to us that we all have to do our bit, including all of us at Currys.


Teaming up with Age UK to fight loneliness

We recently announced that Currys has made Age UK our headline charity partner.

Our mission is help everyone enjoy amazing technology. And that becomes even more important for those who have the hardest time accessing tech and all the wonderful things it can do. That’s why we’re working together with Age UK to make sure that one of our most precious and vulnerable groups are protected: our older people.

One of the most vital services that Age UK offers is through its subsidiary charity, The Silver Line helpline, giving older people support and advice over the phone, whenever they need it.

When we spoke to Paul Goulden, the Director of Silverline, he told us, “we've seen calls up 30% due to Covid19, and we’re receiving over 10,000 calls a week. These are older people who are often living alone and seeing very few other people day to day. Many are coping with bereavement or long-term health conditions, and even without the Covid19 epidemic The Silver Line is often the only place they have to turn for support.”

The Silver Line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round for people aged 55 and over. Not only do they provide information and practical advice to older people, but they also offer regular friendship calls. In a time when neighbours or friends aren’t able to just pop round anymore, this is a vital piece of human connection.

Helping everyone enjoy amazing tech

Our partnership with Age UK has begun in earnest by sending hundreds of free laptops, mobile phones, SIM cards and headsets to the Silver Line helpline teams. The people working on these helplines deserve our support and we are so pleased that we’re able to give it. Paul Goulden also added:

“Without the tech donated by Currys we simply wouldn’t have been able to have our staff working from home, and could potentially have missed thousands of calls from lonely older people who need us more than ever at the moment."


Just the beginning

We hope to do loads more with Age UK. Together, we want to deliver digital support to thousands of older people, equipping them with essential tech skills, strengthening connections with friends and family and showing them how to make the most of being online.

Over the next two years, we’re going to be pulling together the nationwide presence and know-how of both organisations, with a range of tech to combat loneliness, improve mental health, grow self-esteem and confidence and increase the independence and connectedness of older people.

We’re lucky to be able to do our bit for our communities and to say thank you to the people who give us all a little hope in trying times.

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