Dragon Age: Inquisition Preview

Dragon Age Inquisition hits shelves in a month and we were lucky enough to try out the co op campaign at Eurogamer Expo 2014. Read on for our verdict.

02 Oct 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition 

It's been 3 long years since we've visited the mythical world of Thedas. Many wondered if we'd ever have another chance to tread the paths of Ferelden, cross the shallow waters of the Walking Sea or traverse the labyrinth mines of Kirkwall.   But in the Fall of 2012, Dragon Age Inquisition was announced, and Templars and Mages alike rejoiced! Now, in October 2014 we're but a month and a half away from the release of the 3rd instalment in the Dragon Age Saga. 

Hitting UK stores on November 21st, Dragon Age Inquisition  sees an entirely new protagonist lead the mysterious Inquisition to the land of Orlais under the shadow of an all out civil war between the Chantry and the  Templars...    


Demo Verdict 

Reminicient of the Fable Legends demo, Dragon Age Inquisition's demo joines 4 heroes together and pits them against one common enemy.  This is Inquisiton's co-op offering, which when released will be comprised of 3 multiplayer campaigns which are made up of five separate missions. 

There are 4 character classes available in Inquisition's multiplayer, which are essentially two tanks, a Dwarf and a Reaver, a ranged Mage character and a Rogue.  We were lucky enough to play as the  Reaver which in all fairness, is the most badass. 

The Fade _03_WM_web

Inquisition has stuck with the same HUD system from Dragon Age 2, and we have no complaints there.  The combat is  fun, fast paced and all skills and abilities are easily navigated. Loot collected is shared equally across the party which is a nice touch, especially when not playing with friends, and restoration areas when triggered by one member of the party heal all.  Two nice touches which make the co-op experience a little more organic. 

There are a few instances where character's movements become jarring when avatars navigated over fallen  enemies, however AI, though not noticeabley improved from previous Dragon Age games, performs well and seems intuitive for what is essentially an Action RPG.    

War Table _WM_web

Our objective was to battle through a 5 stage  dungeon, plant a flag for the Inquisition and then fight off the resisting horde.  Unfortunately for our band of merry Inquisitors, we fell quite emphatically at the final hurdle, but the experience was a great one over all.  

Leliana _01_WM_web

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