Dust off your Nintendo 3DS – New Pokemon, Pikmin and Mario Maker on the way

Great news for 3DS owners; Nintendo has just announced a whole raft of great new games are on the way.

01 Sep 2016

Nintendo Direct, Nintendo’s official news channel, sprang back into life after a five-month break with a video announcing several new titles destined to put the 3DS back at the top of the handheld charts.


Super Mario Maker

(image source: Nintendo) 

The first announcement to really grab our attention was the news that Super Mario Maker is heading for the 3DS. This title was a huge success on the Wii U and lets gamers create, share and play their own Mario levels using tricks, traps and graphic styles from across the Super Mario series.


The 3DS looks to be a great fit for Mario Maker, as creating your own levels using the stylus and touch screen should be quick and easy. Simply touch the item you want and drag it into place – your new level will be built in next to no time.


You’ll be able to share your creations via StreetPass and local wireless, and also download some levels originally created for the Wii U. The game will also come with around 100 specially created levels.


Super Mario Maker For Nintendo 3DS is due to be released at the start of December.



(image source: Metro) 

One of Nintendo’s best recent creations is the Pikmin series, and we’re excited to hear the next instalment will be appearing on the 3DS.


In the game, you take control of an explorer named Olimar who enlists the help of the tiny Pikmin to help him overcome obstacles and he investigates the world. Pikmin are tiny, plant-like creatures, who come in several different coloured varieties. Each colour has a different power, and you’ll need to work out how to use and combine these strengths to solve puzzles and reach new areas.


The new game is especially designed to take advantage of the 3DS hardware and breaks from the series traditional 3D world to be an action-packed 2D side scroller.


Pikmin for the 3DS is expected in 2017.


Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon


(image source: Pokemon.com)

With Pokemon Go getting everyone up and out to search for those friendly little critters, Nintendo look set to unleash Poke-fever with Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon on the 3DS. While these new games had been announced previously, Nintendo took time to fill in some of the details of what we can expect.


First up, gamers can expect to see new looks for Pokemon they already know and love. You’ll discover unique regional variants as you explore the games’ world, with different appearances and powers that have changed depending on where they live and the time of day they come out.


One of the big new features is the high-powered Z-moves. These let you unleash previously hidden strengths within your Pokemon, letting them use new and powerful moves in battle.


As a bonus, gamers who get to Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon early will be able to download a special Munchlax Pokemon, who can be evolved into the popular Snorlax. Nintendo showed off his powerful new Pulverizing Pancake Z-Move. You’ll need to act fast – the special Munchlax download is only available until 11th January 2017.


Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be released on November 18th 


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