Dyson’s answer to your hair straightening prayers

The Dyson Corrale straighteners are here...

20 Apr 2020

The Dyson Corrale straighteners are finally here. That’s right, Dyson are doing for hair straighteners what they did for the humble hair dryer... And vacuum cleaner... And fan.

In other words, they’ve taken a piece of everyday tech and made it ten times better. More useful, more effective and, as a nice little bonus, easier on the eyes too.

So, what nifty bit of engineering Dyson have thrown in this time?

The heat is on (but only a little bit)

For a start, Corrale straighteners do half the damage of regular straighteners. They’re fitted with flexing manganese copper alloy plates. Unlike your run of the mill solid plated straighteners, these flexible plates shape and gather your hair as you use them.

They don’t snag or pull, and they distribute heat evenly through every strand. Because of that, they don’t need to get quite so hot to straighten your hair, and you only need to run them through a section once for them to work. Less breakages, less burns, less time.

And there are three heat settings, so you never have to go hotter than you need for your hair type.

Keep the cord… or not

The last thing you want when you’re straightening your hair is tripping over an unwieldy wire. Forehead burn? No thank you. The Corrale gives you 30 minutes of cordless styling. More than enough time to get your hair prepped and poker straight.

But, if you’ve forgotten to charge it or are the designated hair stylist for all your family and friends, just reattach the 360¡ magnetic cord for a longer run time. 

Hair, there and everywhere

The downside of other cordless hair straighteners is that you’re not allowed to put them in your hand luggage when you fly. Luckily for all you jet-setters, these are flight safe.

The cordless function we mentioned is also great if you’re heading away for the weekend. Rather than take the cord with you, just pack the charged straighteners themselves.

Star of the (OLED) screen

Aside from looking incredibly swanky, the OLED screen makes sure you can keep tabs on exactly what’s going on. It shows you the amount of battery you have left, temperate and charging status.

More than just a straightener

Admittedly, Dyson products can be pretty pricey- even if that extra cost translates to an amazing product.

So here are a couple of other ways you can use your Corrale…

As a hair curler: this is a pretty great hack, although it takes a little getting used to.

·         Start as you normally would if you were straightening your hair, take a small section of (dry, not wet) hair and clamp your straightener down at the top of the section, near your scalp.


·         Gently pull the straightener down the section, but when you get to the part of your hair where you’d like the curl to begin, twist the straightener away from your face so the hair is around it and carefully pull it down straight through the rest of your hair.


·         Do the same for each section you want to curl.

As an iron: So this one’s a little out there, but it can be really handy if your clothes are crumpled from sitting in your gym bag post-workout, or if you’re on holiday without an iron.

·         Make sure the fabric and the straightener plates are clean


·         Use a lower setting if the fabric is thin, and a higher one if the fabric is thick


·         Run the straighteners over any wrinkles


·         Hey presto, crisp clothes

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself some Dyson Corrale straighteners.

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