E3 2014: PlayStation and Xbox battle for top spot (again!)

Here´s our round up of the main news from PlayStation and Xbox from the E3 gaming expo in LA

09 Jun 2014

The two giants of the gaming world, Sony and Microsoft, have revealed their visions for PlayStation and Xbox at the E3 gaming expo in LA.

Xbox was up first, using its press conference to show its focus is now strictly on the games rather than all-round entertainment, with a number of high-profile titles and a cheaper Kinect-free console.

This was followed by Sony, which launched a PlayStation device that can stream PS4 games from your console to a second TV and allow you to stream PS3 games from the web. Sony also announced the arrival of Little Big Planet on PS4

Here we'll take a look at the key points of both companies' E3 press show.

PlayStation at E3 in brief

Sony Launched The Play Station TV Streaming Device At E3

(Credit: AP) 

  • New PlayStation TV streaming device to be launched in autum
  • New instalments of hugely popular exclusive gaming franchises, Uncharted and Little Big Planet, for PlayStation 4
  • Demonstrations of Project Morpheus - Sony's virtual reality gaming headset
  • PlayStation Now, service that streams PlayStation games to Sony TVs and phones coming to select Sony TVs later in 2014
  • Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 - first demo of gaemplay on a next-gen console


Xbox at E3 in brief

Forza Horizon 2 Was One Of The Exclusive Titles Shown Off During The Xbox Press Show

(Credit: AP) 

  • The main titles of the Halo franchise being remade for Xbox One with Halo: The Master Chief Collection
  • This year games come first, with last year's Xbox One living-room entertainment hub vision taking a back seat
  • First gameplay screenshots of Halo 5: Guardians - but no release given 
  • Showcased Xbox exclusives Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon and Dead Rising 3 as well as gameplay from the cross-platofrm Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Xbox at E3 overview

PlayStation was the hands-down champion of last year's E3, winning the first round of the next-gen console battle when it launched the Xbox One and Sony the PlayStation 4. But at E3 2014 Microsoft was hoping to make up some of that ground with a new vision for its Xbox One console.

All about the games and Kinect-free consoles

Last year's revolutionary message of the Xbox becoming the all-encompassing digital hub for our living rooms was gone. Instead, the E3 crowd was told at this year's show 'we are dedicating our entire briefing to games'.

Xbox chief Phil Spencer said Xbox had listened to gamers' feedback over the past 12 months and amended its vision to match.

It showed off games that were not dependent on the Kinect camera/voice sensor  - a key part of Microsoft's original Xbox vision that came as standard with every Xbox One until a cheaper, Kinect-free option was launched recently. 

Remakes of Halo and the next chapter

Halo Master Chief (Xbox)

(Credit: Microsoft) 

Among the headline games was Halo: The Master Chief Collection - remakes of the main Halo titles for Xbox One. This will be the first time gamers can play the complete story of Master Chief on one single console.

There was also a sneak-peak at one of the most anticipated Xbox One games yet, Halo 5: Guardians. Microsoft said those who buy Halo: The Master Chief Collection when it launches in November will be able to play Halo 5 in beta mode.

Call Of Duty goes next-gen

The Halo Franchise Was A Big Part Of The Xbox Press Show At E3

Microsoft got its press show under way with a sizeable chunk of footage from the upcoming Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox One.

The game, which launches in November, sees players battle against drones in a war-torn city. Players on Xbox will get new downloadable add on content before other platforms.

Exclusive games

Other exclusive Xbox One titles were shown off. Driving game Forza Horizion 2 sees players race in dramatic weather through the night and day.

Sunset Drive was also showcased, a hyper-reality shoot 'em up featuring 'uniquely fluid gameplay' and a 'wild collection of weapons'.

PlayStation at E3 overview

PlayStation emerged victorious from last year's E3, with its PS4 console focusing solely on the games while Xbox One went for all-round entertainment. It has since sold 7 million units, here's what it had in store at E3... 

Little Big Planet comes to PS4

Little Big Planet 3 For PS4 Is Shown Off During Sony 's Press Show At E3

(Credit: AP) 

The Japanese firm announced that two of its biggest exclusive franchises were coming to the PS4 - Uncharted and Little Big Planet.

Little Big Planet 3 will launch in November with Sackboy bringing a trio of pals along for the ride, while Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, from developer Naughty Dog, will launch next year.

But perhaps the biggest news for PlayStation wasn't about the actual console.

PlayStation launches TV streaming device

PSTV_Black _Front Pers _1402366980

Gamers will be able to stream games through their TVs using a new PlayStation streaming box announced at E3.

PlayStation TV will be launched in the US and Europe in the autumn.

Sony describes it as a micro-console that allows you to stream your PS4 gaming session to a second-screen, as well as letting you stream PS3 games from the web.  

It will launch later this year, priced 99 euro. The PlayStation TV "micro-console" made its debut last November in Japan as PSVita TV.

White PS4 and DestinyWhite PS4

(Credit: Sony) 

Sony unveiled an exclusive white PS4, which will be bundled with new game Destiny when it launches in September. Destiny is a space-based shoot 'em up meets role-playing game from Bungie.

Expect 'fire-spewing shotguns' and 'head-melting fusion rifles' as you roam the remnants of our ancient solar system.  PlayStation gamers can play the full Destiny beta mode from July 17.

Grand Theft Auto goes next-gen

We also caught a glimpse of the first next-generation version of Grand Theft Auto at Sony's press show. Grand Theft Auto V was 2013's game of the year, selling upwards of 33 million copies worldwide.

Now it's coming to PlayStation 4 in the autumn. Developer Rockstar Games and Sony showcased footage of the game during the press show. The title will also come to Xbox One, but PS4 will get it first. 

 Check out the video of the next-gen Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar Games

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In part 2 of our E3 coverage we'll round up the top 5 games of the convention 

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