Eight unusual (and delicious!) foods that just taste better from the grill

To inspire you to think differently about the boundaries of what can be cooked on a health grill we’ve come up with a selection of unusual but, we assure you, delicious foods that are perfect for grilling. Read our list and prepare for your mouth to water!

24 Feb 2014

Grilling is a great way to prepare your food as it minimises the fat content, requires little to no oil and locks in all of the flavour without overcooking it.  Health grills are a really convenient way to cook several portions all in one go, with minimum fuss and space; you can even store the grill away vertically to save space in your kitchen until it's time for use. 

Of all the health grills on offer, the George Foreman grill is the most popular, and comes in either black or silver with more or less specialist features available, based on price (the cheapest being £34.99 and the more expensive option currently on sale at £69.99). However, there are plenty other products in our health grill collection which would be stylish and affordable additions to your kitchen.

To inspire you to think differently about the boundaries of what can be cooked on a health grill we've come up with a selection of unusual but, we assure you, delicious foods that are perfect for grilling.  Read our list and prepare for your mouth to water!



Health Grill


The Spanish swear by grilled octopus, or pulpo, and you're sure to  find it included in almost any tapas menu you encounter (especially in northern Spain, in regions such as Galicia).  If you simmer the octopus the day before and leave it overnight in the fridge it becomes even more succulent and crisps up good on the grill.

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Health Grills


 Another meaty option of the seafood variety.  The way to prepare this is to  parboil the lobster for five to seven minutes, then slice it in half lengthwise  and coat in melted butter or oil. For added flavour you can add garlic, herbs,  spices or lime juice.  Grill each half for around ten minutes, then serve  immediately with a complementary lemon butter sauce.

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Health Grills



 This might sound like a strange choice because of its large water  content percentage, nonetheless, you'll be surprised at just how good  watermelon turns out on the grill.  Within just a few minutes it  caramelises the sugars, really bringing out the sweetness, which is  perfectly complemented by the freshly-grilled flavour.

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Health Grills


 Try creating a strawberry skewer - douse them in a simple lemon or  balsamic vinegar and sugar mixture prior to sticking them on the grates -  then let them grill for one to two minutes.  Strawberries are delicate and  will melt if left on for too long, but given just the right amount of  time  they soften and really bring out the sweetness.

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Grilled -broccoli



Put this superfood on the grill for three to four minutes and it really brings out a delicious flavour that can make it the centrepiece of a superfood meat-free salad. Mix it with salad leaves, sprinkle over some seeds and nuts, add a dressing of your choice, or just a squeeze of lemon if you want to keep things simple, and indulge in superfood heaven!

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In a similar vein to broccoli, asparagus is also perfect for grilling and makes the ideal centrepiece of a tasty salad.  Clean and trim the asparagus before drizzling it in oil and add a little salt and pepper to taste.  The British asparagus season is a mere eight weeks long (starting in early May) so be sure to make the most of its distinctive nutty flavour during this time by getting some on the grill!

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Grilled -pizza -b



Try making a 'farmer's market' style pizza yourself, and cook it on the grill for pizza shop style perfection.  Start off with whole wheat pizza dough, roll it out and drizzle with oil, then stick it directly on the grill.  Once it's cooked through (you'll know by it being easy to lift off the grill and the grill marks), add the toppings of your choice to the grilled side and put it back to cook on the other.  Toppings that cook well on the grill include shaved zucchini or courgette, sliced tomato and basil, mozzarella or parmesan cheese.  This recipe really does provide a unique take on an all-time classic.

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Ice Cream

Ice cream

Yes, you read that right, ice cream.  Of course you can't put ice cream directly on to the grill unless you're looking for a rapid way of making a milkshake, but instead scoop your preferred flavour into balls and deep freeze them.  Once frozen, coat thoroughly in egg batter and stick them on a skewer.  Put them back in the freezer for a final blast then you're ready to get grilling!  Just a minute or two is enough on each side to cook the batter and soften the ice cream.  Remove from the heat, slide off the skewer and enjoy with cherry sauce and nuts.

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