Enjoy perfect movie nights with LG OLED TVs

Want the perfect movie night? With deep blacks, superb contrast and shadowy detail it has to be LG OLED TVs…

27 Oct 2016

If you want a TV that combines the most advanced picture technologies of today it has to be the latest LG OLED televisions. With superb contrast, deep black colours and incredible detail, these TVs will deliver the perfect movie-watching experience on a cold winter’s night.

They use a completely different type of screen technology to your current HD TV to give a vastly superior picture and an incredibly slim design. As well as the OLED screens, these LG TVs offer 4K resolution for even more detail and HDR for even better contrast. 

What is OLED?

OLED is a type of screen, in the same way that your current HDTV has an LED screen. The LED part in both names stands for light-emitting diode - tiny pixels that create a lighter or darker picture. On an LED TV, a backlight is needed to illuminate these pixels. This means even when you have pixels that are shut off, the backlight will be illuminating those close to it.

On an OLED TV there’s no backlight – the pixels glow automatically when electricity is passed through them. Each pixel can shut itself off to complete blackness.


Deep black colours and superb contrast

OLED TVs have perfect light control. They can create deep, inky blacks. Because each pixel lights itself, you can have absolute blackness next to bright light with no bleed from a backlight - creating excellent contrast between black and white. 

Imagine a scene in a movie. It is night-time, and the sky and the landscape are black apart from an illuminated office block. The background will remain deep black, and the slices of light will pop from the screen – retaining sharp edges with no blur.


Incredibly thin and light TVs

Because there’s no backlight OLED TVs can also be much thinner and lighter than other televisions. All LG’s OLED TVs are thin and stylish looking, but the flagship G6 model is something else.

The screen measures 2.57mm – it’s as thin as 4 stacked credit cards, and it’s backed with a sheer piece of glass. Not only is it the world’s thinnest TV, it’s the world’s most beautiful TV too, almost disappearing into your wall when mounted.


See detail in 4K resolution

Anyone with a passing interest in TV technology will be familiar with the term 4K. The successor to Full HD, 4K is a screen resolution (the number of pixels that make up the screen). It gets its name because it has 4 times the detail of Full HD TVs.

Most 4K TVs use LED screens, meaning they don’t achieve the same contrast and black levels as an OLED – even with the much improved detail and depth over HD.

But LG has given its OLED screens 4K resolution, to create possibly the best picture quality you can find – blending the superb blacks and contrast of OLED with all the detail of 4K – from dust on the track to beads of sweat on a face. Up close detail like this will look incredible on the huge 65-inch G6 LG OLED TV. 


Gets the best from HDR – colour and contrast

HDR is the next big thing in TV. It creates pictures with a much greater range of shades between the deepest black and brightest white. This means subtle details become noticeable – think shadowy scenes and bright skies. 

With their ability to produce deep blacks and brilliant whites, LG OLED TVs will get the best from HDR content. Plus, with a wider dynamic range, details will emerge from HDR content on the OLED TV that perhaps would not on the LED TV. 

HDR also makes millions more colours available. OLED TVs are known for their excellent colour accuracy, so expect incredible colour when watching HDR video on your OLED TV. 

See for yourself with the 55-inch B6 LG OLED TV


Flat or curved screens?

TVs with curved screens have become popular in the past couple of years. The idea is you can enjoy a more cinematic, immersive viewing experience with a picture that wraps around you. 

But it’s not to everyone’s taste – as you need to be say directly opposite to get the best view. LG OLED TVs are available with both flat and curved screens.

You can enjoy a curved screen with the C6 OLED TV.


The best TV and movies at your fingertips

The best TVs deserve the best shows, and you can find award-winning television and movies built into your LG OLED TV.

Apps for Netflix and Amazon Instant Video make finding what you want easy – the software on the LG TVs is called webOS 3.0 and it’s incredibly user-friendly. Shows like Stranger Things and House of Cards will look incredible on your OLED screen, and what’s more Netflix has made them available in 4K so they’ll look even better.

What about HDR? Netflix will have 150 hours of HDR content available by the end of 2016, it says. So you’ll soon be able to take full advantage of your LG OLED 4K HDR TV.

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