ESL and PC Specialist showcase new gaming PC at EGX

We caught up with ESL at one ofthe UK’s biggest annual games events to see their first ever certified gaming PC from PC Specialist

21 Sep 2018

ESL and PC Specialist gaming PC

Esports and gaming events organiser ESL played a big part at the EGX Games Event this year. From a Fortnite gaming area to a full-scale competition arena for professional gamers, their presence throughout the convention certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

Held at the NEC in Birmingham, EGX is a contender for the biggest event for the Average Joe Gamer in the UK – the perfect place to showcase the PC Specialist ESL Certified Gaming PC.

Why choose EGX to show off this new release? We take a look at what makes this PC worth the hype…


The first ever ESL-branded competitive gaming PC

After sponsoring, organising and running some of the world’s leading Esports competitions, ESL – with the production power of PC Specialist and Intel® - have tried their own hand at licensing a machine of their own, which is a big deal.


The desktop computer is packed with features fully optimised for the flagship Esports games, such as Hearthstone, League of Legends and CS:GO.

In fact, the very same PCs were used in the ESL Gaming Arena, where professional Esports players are battling out the Hearthstone UK Premiership finals.


Super smooth gameplay on the biggest games

You get all the power and speed you’ll ever need for the most arduous of games and programs, thanks to the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card, which can handle 4K and even VR with absolute ease.

You’ll also be happy to hear it carries the latest Overclocked Intel® 8th Gen i7 processor and 256GB of superfast SSD storage. If you’re into your online hoarding don’t worry – this PC alsocomes with 2TB of hard drive storage as well.

In a nutshell, you get all the meaty bits of the most high-end gaming PCs, which is the best foundation you could need for tournaments and competitions.

Great starting PC for an Esports [player

Great starting PC for an Esports player

Though the PC Specialist ESL Certified Gaming PC is still a premium buy, it’s a fantastic start for those looking to take Esports seriously.

The setup is incredibly easy. All the main components come assembled in the box, so you’ll have it up and running in no time – perfect if you’re a parent buying for a young gamer.

Traditionally, you’d need a wired connection (or at least an external wireless adapter) to get the smoothest connection for your gaming PC, but inbuilt wireless cards are now on the rise. PC Specialist have added a dual-channel wireless card to the hardware, which allows for an extremely strong connection at ultimate convenience when playing online. Great for those wanting to just set up and play.

If you’re after a tournament-grade computer that won’t set you back as far as the others, the PC Specialist ESL Certified Gaming PC is a great choice.


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