Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Book

The Samsung Galaxy Book is a powerful laptop squeezed into a tablet body. Here’s why we think you’ll be impressed too...

05 Sep 2017

What is the Galaxy Book?

A premium, polished tablet with a magnetic keyboard that allows it to be used as a laptop. Light and rugged, it’s designed for life on the go – whether you’re a high-flying business exec or a student on campus.Samsung Galaxy Book

It’s a type of 2 in 1, meaning it can be both laptop and tablet. These are designed to get the best from Windows 10, which has both mouse, keyboard and touchscreen controls.

Some 2 in 1s look like a conventional laptop, others are more like a tablet. The Galaxy Book is a tablet-focused 2 in 1.

Here are the best bits…


Power and portability

Different people need different things from their laptop. That’s why there are two Galaxy Book options. One is larger and more powerful. With a 12-inch screen and Intel Core i5 processing, it’s aimed at multitaskers who often use demanding software.

The second option is a smaller 10.6-inch tablet that is lighter, running on the Intel Core m3 processor known for its low power consumption. This makes it great for carrying out simple tasks such as web browsing or streaming movies, while maintaining fantastic battery life. 

Both options have around 10 hours’ battery life.


Simply superb screen

Creatives and Netflix addicts will love it. Colours pop on its super AMOLED Screen, which offers an astounding contrast ratio with deep, inky blacks and bright whites

HDR is the next big thing in video, pioneered by Netflix. The 12-inch Galaxy Book, supports HDR video, allowing the best Netflix experience, with true to life colours and vivid detail. 


The S Pen comes free

Designers and executives can add some creativity to designs and office presentations with the Galaxy Book pen, where you can write notes and design directly on the screen. Pens are often sold separately, but with the Galaxy Book there’s one included in the price. 

Galaxy Book

Designed to write naturally, like a normal pen, the S Pen has a smaller 0.7mm tip and increased pressure sensitivity. You can also annotate webpages with the Edge web browser, scribble reminders and to-do lists in OneNote and draw and paint in ArtFlow.


And so does the keyboard

You won’t have to try to touch type on screen with the Galaxy Book. Although keyboards for other 2 in 1 tablets are often sold separately, with the Galaxy Book, the keyboard comes as part of the package. So you can get the most from its features right out of the box. Just attach the keyboard, boot up your word processer and write that report.


Work fast with SSD

If you’re working on the go, the Galaxy Book’s SSD storage will help you keep up. SSD replaces your hard drive and makes everything faster: From booting up your laptop each morning, to launching Photoshop or Word. Plus, it makes your laptop quieter, lighter and thinner too. 


Travel light

  • Work anywhere with the Galaxy Book’s lightweight design
  • The 12-inch model is less than 8mm thick and just 754kg, so won’t weigh you down
  • The 10-inch model is even lighter and boasts head-turning looks.

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