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Get game info, live scores and stats, and expert commentary – all in one place with Facebook Sport Stadium…

27 Jan 2016

Thanks to technology, the way we keep up with sport has completely changed. We’re using our phones to get live updates, stream matches and talk about it all on Twitter or Facebook.

In fact, even if you’re watching on the big screen, there’s a good chance you’ll be second screening with your smartphone or tablet at the same time.

Now Facebook is bringing it all together in a designated hub with its Sports Stadium tab. Get game info, live scores and stats, and commentary from experts – all in one place. You can also comment and see posts from your friends and other fans in real-time.

Facebook sports stadium

Credit: Facebook

Why has Facebook created Sports Stadium?

In recent years Facebook has expanded so that more of what we do is through the site. It’s gone from being a place for chatting and sharing photos with your friends and family, to a platform where you can follow celebrities, watch videos and catch up on the news.

You’ve been able to follow games through your Twitter feed for a long time by live tweeting, but this will give you a much more detailed picture of the action as it unfolds.


How will it change the way we watch sport?

In the past, if you wanted to swat up on the footie score you could watch it on TV, read the back pages of the papers or tune into your radio if you were out and couldn’t catch the match.

Recently, more of us have been using our smartphones and tablets as a second screen while watching. But this meant opening different tabs and applications to get the full picture – so you could be reading the score on a sports news site, checking the reaction from other fans on Twitter and switching to WhatsApp for a post-match debrief with your mates.

Sports Stadium brings all of this information together in a single newsfeed. On it you’ll see:

  • Game info, like what channel the match is on
  • Posts and comments from your friends
  • Real-time commentary from teams, sports experts and journalists
  • Live scores and stats

Use it to keep up with a match while you’re out and about, or to enhance your experience of watching it live on TV.

And with the UEFA cup coming up this summer, it will be perfect for keeping up to date with all the different matches.

 Facebook sports stadium

Credit: Facebook

When can I get it?

Sports Stadium has launched in time for the Super Bowl – one of, if not the, biggest sporting events in the US – and right now it’s only available for keeping up with American football. The good news is it’s set to roll out to other sports in other countries soon.

Again, you can only use it on your iPhone but there’s an Android version on the way

To access it, open up Facebook on your smartphone, tablet or computer and search for the team or game you’re interested in. Click on the football icon and you’ll be taken to the Sports Stadium tab.

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