FIFA 21 vs FIFA 22

What’s new for the footy franchise?

20 Sep 2021

This one’s for all you football fans, gamers, football gaming fans… you get the idea. The FIFA 22 release date isn’t long now, kicking off on the 1st October. So many of you may be wondering ‘is FIFA 22 worth it? How is it different from FIFA 21?’

Well, we’ve heard you and we’re here to tell you exactly what’s new for FIFA 22, including changes to overall gameplay and game modes like Career Mode, VOLTA football, Ultimate Team and Pro Team mode.


FIFA 21 vs FIFA 22

Having compared the two, it’s fair to say FIFA 22 does add a whole load of extra content and quality to the franchise. That’s not to say that 21 was lacking, but 22 has come on leaps and bounds in terms of realism, customisation and general user experience.

And there’s a pretty obvious reason for that. Next-gen consoles. EA (the developers behind FIFA) have loads more power to play with. FIFA 22 is the first football simulator to show off the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S’s capabilities and it shows.

But that does mean PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players won’t get all the same features as their next-gen counterparts. Changes to game modes and how you play will all still be there, but some of that graphical pizazz won’t be.


FIFA 22 gameplay

There are graphical updates to every FIFA game. That just goes without saying. But the latest instalment has really taken a massive leap, with the biggest animation refresh in FIFA history.

Some of these updates will only work on next-gen console versions of the game though, so we’ve divided them up for you.


Gameplay changes for next-gen consoles

EA have been shouting about their new HyperMotion Technology from the rooftops. And fair enough, really. After getting 22 pro football players dressed up in motion capture suits, the team were recorded playing a real game of football. The result? Over 4,000 new animations that make the action on your virtual pitch look just like the real thing. We’re talking tackles, celebrations, aerial duels and everything in between.

There’s also cutting-edge machine learning to bring the whole thing together. Players now look way more lifelike in the way they move and interact with both each other and the ball, depending on whether they’re in possession or not. And they’ll be smarter about how to behave in defence and offence too.


Gameplay changes for all FIFA 22 players

First up, your goalie gets a serious makeover. Thanks to the new goalkeeper system, there’s more reliable shot-stopping and smarter decision-making. And keepers get their own personalities too, so you’ll really feel it when you’re playing as one of the greats.

The football itself had the super tech treatment too. Improved ball physics for means it’ll behave even more realistically, with speed, air resistance, ground friction and everything else you can think of being taken into account!

And there are other great touches that make matches all that more fun. Take the new explosive sprint mechanic, which gives you a sudden burst of speed when you’re dribbling or defending. Or new attacking tactical presets for even more control over how your team and how you play.


 Career mode

Build your team from scratch in the new Create Your Club feature. The name, the kit, the stadium, your rivals, even the nickname that’s used in commentary – you can customise every last bit of it!

It’s also up to you what league you start in, your budget and your team’s star rating and average age. So you can choose to be a scrappy underdog team fighting your way to the top, or a mega top-tier team defending their dominance.  

There are changes to the Player Career mode now too. Whereas before you couldn’t come on as a sub, now you can – giving you greater control of your starting line-up. New Skill Trees also make it easier to customise and buff your player. Plus, stuff like dressing room sequences and transfer negotiation scenes make for a way more cinematic, immersive experience.


Ultimate Team mode

FIFA’s PvP card-collecting game FIFA Ultimate Team (or FUT) is seeing some of the biggest changes.

For Divisional Rivals, there’s a whole new six-week seasonal progression system. You’ll now move through stages, with win-streaks helping you progress even faster. If you do lose a few matches you won’t have to start all the way from the bottom again, thanks to checkpoints. Think you’ve got what it takes to go all the way to the top? Then the new Elite Division is for you.

Then there’s the FUT Champion rejig. To make it easier for everyone to get involved, Champions is now a week-long two-tier competition. Join in the Play-Offs whenever you like during the week and then get involved in the Finals at the weekend if you qualify.

Plus, bolster your deck with new FUT Heroes! These special cards represent the beautiful game’s most legendary players. And they’ve got extra perks too, helping you build an elite level squad.


VOLTA football

FIFA’s street football game is more arcade-y than your standard FIFA game modes… but it is a ton of fun. With party games and trick shots, it’s especially great when you’ve got a group of mates over. While the mechanics themselves are staying largely the same as FIFA 21, there are a couple of extras like a new skill metre that rewards you for creative play, signature abilities and locations.   


Pro Clubs mode

Pro Clubs mode, where you get to drop in as a specific position in an 11 v 11 match with other players online, is getting easier to personalise. Add perks to your player, get better statistics and heat maps, and add all-new archetypes to define your player’s style.

Women are also getting a bigger role in the game! Now you can create and play as a female football player- a really welcome addition.


Think FIFA 22 is the perfect match?

Although the game isn’t out until the 1st October, you can pre-order FIFA 22 right here.

And you’ve got a choice between two editions: Standard or Ultimate. With the Ultimate Edition you get a few extra perks, like getting four days’ early access to the game and a free PS5 or Xbox Series X|S upgrade if you haven’t got your hands on a next-gen console yet.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to play!

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