Find out the cost of being a superhero or supervillain

Is saving the world a lucrative business? Does a life of villainy break the bank? We calculated the cost of being a superhero or supervillain so you don’t have to. The campaign is brought to you by the Sony Bravia XG95 range - TVs ideal for superhero-viewing.

08 Jul 2019

With his New York skyscraper home, collection of flash cars and plethora of ultra-high-tech gadgets, have you ever wondered how much Iron Man is worth? Or do the worldly possessions of the of the havoc-wreaking Joker fill you with intrigue?

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Weaponry, gadgets and transport are the obvious contributors to a comic book character’s financial worth, but there’s a selection of underlying factors that might not instantly come to mind. Expensive qualifications and high-maintenance image upkeep, for example. Remember, Harley Quinn was a trainee psychiatrist prior to her life of crime.

Topping the rich list, of course, is Black Panther. He’s the rightful guardian of a £9-trillion reserve of vibranium after all. Not to mention he resides in a royal palace and boasts an advanced collection of gadgets.

Our list also includes the notorious Marvel villain Thanos, and ultra-powerful heroine Captain Marvel. Read on to find out how much it costs to be a superhero or supervillain.


How did we cost up these iconic characters?

They’re comic book icons that we all know and love - but they come from a fictional world. So just how did we calculate their worth? 

Some characters had assets that could be easily compared to real-life goods. Other commodities were trickier to cost up. In this case, we looked to real-world items that were in the same ballpark, as well as leaning on a dash of creativity to arrive at a final figure.

Here’s a breakdown of each character:


Iron Man:

  • Stark Tower – The skyscraper is reported to have been built by Stark for $600 million (£450 million).[1]
  • Gold titanium exoskeleton and weaponry – Combining the exoskeleton, helmet and inbuilt weaponry, Stark’s Iron Man suit is estimated to be worth $180 million (£140 million).[2]
  • JARVIS supercomputer – This high-tech computer system, which utilises artificial intelligence, is estimated to be worth $10 million (£7.5 million).[3]
  • Car collection – A combined worth of £500k was calculated for the cars Tony Stark has been seen driving throughout the movie series, including the Audi R8.[4]

TOTAL: £598 million


Black Panther:

  • Nanotechnology suit and vibranium sneakers – A value of £200 million was calculated for the suit and trainers, based on the fact they’re made of mesh vibranium.
  • Fighter jet – The fighter jet was valued at £50 million, based on the price of your standard military jet.[5]
  • EMP discs – EMP discs were likened to hand grenades (£100 each) and a 10,000-piece supply was valued at £1 million.[6]
  • Royal Palace of Wakanda – Arguably the Royal Place of Wakanda is significantly more impressive and therefore was priced at £250 million.
  • Reserve of vibranium – Vibranium retails for about $10,000 per gram (Fantastic Four #607), and Wakanda’s vaults hold 10,000 tons of the stuff (Doomwar #1), which adds up to $9.7 trillion (£9 trillion).[7]
  • Kimoyo beads – A price tag of £7.5 million was attached to the kimoyo beads, which were likened to a top-of-the-range smart watch, enhanced with vibranium.[8]

TOTAL: £9.5 trillion



  • Gauntlet and infinity stones – A comparison was made between the infinity stones and the precious Musgravite stones (worth £27.5k per carat), giving the former a value of £1.05 million for six 5-carat stones. Another £50,000 was added for the gold gauntlet.[9] [10]
  • Armour – The armour was priced at £12k, based on the price of a full suit of custom armour.[11]
  • Starship – The starship was likened to a , which costs approximately $13 billion (£10 billion).[12]
  • Sanctuary – Sanctuary has been valued at £10 million. As a barren area in space, we compared it to the price of buying a small private island.[13]

TOTAL: £10.01 million


Captain Marvel:

  • Super suit and boots – An estimate of $3.7k has been previously given for three of Captain America’s suits combined. Captain Marvel’s suit is very similar, so therefore has been costed at £1.2k for one.[14]
  • US fighter pilot training - The cost of training a basic qualified fighter pilot is approximately $5.5 million (£4.2 million).[15]
  • Pscyhe-magnetron – We estimated the Psyche-Magnetron to be worth a cool £1 million – since it’s a fictional piece of technology, this price was based on the cost of advanced technology and engineering.

TOTAL: £10.05 million



  • Custom suit – Based on the cost of custom clothing, you can reasonably expect Joker’s suit to be no more than £220.
  • Gold chains – A selection of genuine gold chains have been valued at £6k.[17]
  • Makeup, hair dye and tattoos – Estimated at £1,200, based on image upkeep (annual expense of buying makeup and hair dye) and cost of tattoos.
  • Razor playing cards and acid lapel flower – The cost of sulphuric acid (sprayed from the flower) and razor blades were combined with the price of playing cards and a joke flower, adding up to £80.[18]
  • Glock 17 pistols and grenades – A Glock 17 costs approximately £500.[19] A pocketful of five hand grenades costs approximately £500.[20]

TOTAL: £8.5k 


Harley Quinn:

  • Harlequin outfit, boots and accessories – An estimate of £235 has been given for the Harlequin outfit, boots, PUDDIN necklace[21] and graffitied baseball bat.
  • Makeup, hair dye and tattoos – We estimated £820 for the maintenance of Harley Quinn’s image, including replacement of makeup and hair dye and her tattoos.
  • Chiappa Rhino 6DS revolver – This gun model is priced between $670 (£525) and $1000 (£780), therefore we costed it at £750.[22]
  • Psychiatric training – The cost of attending a four-year medical course in the US is $220k (£170k).[23]

TOTAL: £171.7k


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