Find your TV sweet spot with our Best Seat in the House graphic

The Christmas Special season is upon us – and you’ve got a host of relatives and kids to entertain…

31 Oct 2018


The only problem is finding a good spot for everyone to sit – especially when it comes to the annual viewing of Elf or the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

So, how do you make sure everyone gets the best view of the TV? Find out with our handy – and totally scientific – positioning guide.


Best Seat in the House 1

The basics

Much like the shadow-play scene in Home Alone, positioning is everything – especially if you want to pull off a Christmas miracle and make sure everyone can enjoy a good view of the telly.

But here’s the trick: finding the best seat depends on a (very simple) equation – height from the ground, distance from the TV and size of the screen are the three things you’ve got to keep in mind.

But not to worry if you haven’t practised geometry since secondary school – all will be explained…


Best Seat in the House 2

Where should I sit? 

The distance you are from the TV greatly affects the picture quality. We recommend you sit 1.6 x the diagonal screen size of your TV away from the screen. So, for a 50-inch TV you should sit around 80 inches from the screen.


Best Seat in the House 3

Sitting on the side-line?

Missed out on getting the centre of the couch? Don’t worry – a generous wide screen OLED TV will make sure even those on the end of the sofa get a brilliant view.


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Christmas colours really make the festive season – think ruby red, forest green, twinkling gold and, of course, frosty white – complete with the sparkle of snow in the sunlight.

Bring these tones to life in Technicolor detail right in your living room – all with an HDR TV.

HDR takes the increased pixels of 4K and makes those pixels better – meaning detailed dark scenes, brilliant whites and kaleidoscopic colour. 

Bring every colour to life in amazing detail with a 4K HDR TV.


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