Finding the right wireless speaker for your student halls

Make your uni moments extra vibrant with our guide to the best wireless speakers for student halls…

08 Jul 2018

From focus music to help you study to chilled out afternoons with your friends and all-night parties, music is part and parcel of uni life. Make the most of it with our pick of the best wireless speakers…


For the party animals – multi-room speaker system

In a nutshell: If you and your housemates like to party, a multi-room system lets you change the vibe in every room.

House party

A multi-room speaker system gives you high-quality sound throughout the house. With the flexibility to play different music in different rooms, you can cater to everyone’s taste and make house parties a breeze.

Why get a multi-room system?

  • Play music from your computer, tablet or smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Have your music follow you around the house without having to carry a speaker or music player with you
  • Play DJ in every room: set up different soundtracks for each spot – high-tempo hits for the dancers in the living room and chill-out tunes in the kitchen for those who want to chat
  • Stream content from Spotify or Google Play as well as from your own digital library
  • Bring your speakers together in the living room to create a 2.1 or 5.1 surround sound system
  • Invite party guests to contribute to the playlist directly, so everyone gets their requests met
  • Some systems are voice controlled, so you don’t even need to have your phone on you to skip a tune

Check out different options for multi-room speaker systems


For chilling in halls or digs – sound bar

In a nutshell: Make your room the place to be for movie night or pre-night out drinks with an all-in-one speaker system.

Chilling in halls

Whether you’re streaming movies on Netflix, getting ready for a night out or have your mates round to watch live sport, a soundbar will make everything sound better.

Why get a sound bar?

  • Boost your TV’s sound or stream your Spotify playlist from your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • A single slim speaker that takes up minimal space with no trailing wires
  • Built-in or separate wireless subwoofer for deep, powerful bass notes
  • Some sound bars have virtual surround sound for a truly cinematic experience on flat movie nights
  • There are affordable models available to suit a student budget

See our range sound bars that won’t break the bank


For adventurers and sun-seekers – portable speaker

In a nutshell: Pint-sized and portable – celebrate the end of term with a garden party or relaxed park hangout.

Adventurers and sun-seekers

Take your music with you wherever you go with a portable speaker. From relaxed study sessions to beach picnics or impromptu parties in the park, you’ll never have to put up with quiet, tinny sound again.

Why get a portable speaker?

  • Small enough to slip into your bag to take anywhere with powerful sound for any size of party
  • Stream music from your laptop, tablet or phone over Bluetooth
  • Up to 20 hours of play time for non-stop music day and night – if you can keep up
  • Stylish, colourful designs make your speaker the centre of attention
  • Waterproof models are perfect for chilling out in the bath or taking to a pool party

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