Fitbit Charge 2 or Fitbit Flex 2 – which is right for me?

Want to improve your general fitness? Get a helping hand from some clever tech with one of Fitbit's newly updated fitness trackers - the Charge 2 and the Flex 2... 

01 Sep 2016

Fitbit has redesigned 2 of its most popular fitness trackers – the Charge HR and Flex. Each comes in a sleek new design, with more personal ways of monitoring your health and keeping you motivated.

Interested? We give you the lowdown on the Charge 2 and Flex 2

 Fitbit Flex 2

Take your cardio workouts up a notch with Charge 2

In a nutshell: The one with a built-in heart rate monitor gets a makeover, with two new modes to help you both up the ante and cool down when it’s needed

Charge HR was the first Fitbit to offer continuous, automatic heart rate monitoring – letting you see exactly how hard you’re working during a gym session. The new-and-improved Charge 2 uses the built-in heart rate monitor to open up even more advanced and personalised ways of tracking your fitness, so you’ll be well on your way to reaching your goals.

See how fit you are with Cardio mode – unique to the Charge 2. With it you get a personalised cardio score based on your heart rate and exercise data, as well as helpful guidance on how to improve it.

And when you’re done working up a sweat, switch to the Relax feature for a series of personalised breathing exercises. The 2- and 5-minute sessions are based on your heart rate, and help you to align your breathing with animations and gentle vibrating nudges on your wrist. 

As well as the new fitness tracking features, Charge 2 has also been improved with: 

  • A sleek new design and interchangeable bands you can switch to suit your look
  • Easy-to-read display that’s 4 times as large as the Charge HR’s
  • Enhanced real-time exercise stats so it’s even easier to tweak your workout mid-session

You can also use familiar features from the Charge HR, such as PurePulse heart rate tracking, Smart Track and Multi-sports modes when you’re exercising – as well as day-to-day activity monitoring. 


Swim, run, walk or bike – the sky’s the limit with the Flex 2

In a nutshell: Fitbit’s first-ever swim-proof band you can wear in the pool, shower or sea. It’s also pretty stylish…

Tracking your all-day activity, exercise and sleep was straightforward enough with the Flex – but not so convenient when you had to take it off every time you got in the shower or went for a swim. That’s set to change though, as the Flex 2 is water resistant up to 50 meters. 

What’s more, the SmartTrack feature has even been expanded to include swimming (as well as the usual runs, walks, sports and gym workouts). That means you can go for a dip and see how many laps you cover, as well as the duration and calories burned. 

As well as this, Flex 2 also boasts some other helpful improvements such as: 

  • Ultra-slim new design that’s 30% smaller than the Flex
  • More choice of bands. From classic wristbands to stylish bangles and pendants that look more like jewellery
  • Smarter LED display that shows your progress using colour-coded lights, as well as displaying your call and text notifications


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