Futuristic fridges and super-sharp HDR 4K TVs - Samsung at CES

Samsung launches revolutionary fridges, washing machines and super-sharp 4K UHD TVs

05 Jan 2016

From the smart fridge that doubles as a family organiser to 4K UHD TVs with top marks for picture quality - welcome to Samsung at CES 2016.

Read on to find out more about the cool products announced during Samsung's press conference in Las Vegas...   


A truly revolutionary ‘smart’ fridge

Can a fridge be revolutionary? In this case, yes. Samsung’s new Family Hub refrigerator is pretty far out.

(credit: Associated Press)

It’s designed to help you communicate with your family, better plan your shopping and relax while cooking. At the centre of this is a large, internet-connected 21.5-inch touchscreen and built-in cameras inside the fridge.

You can use it to:

  •  use your phone to look inside your fridge when at the supermarket 
  • leave notes, post photos and send reminders for family appointments
  • keep a digital calendar that everyone can update from their smartphone
  • stream music while unpacking groceries or cooking


Samsung embraces HDR picture technology 

(credit: Associated Press)

Thinking of buying a 4K UHD TV this year? Look out for models carrying the Ultra HD Premium sticker. Crucially, it means the TV will be able to playback video in HDR (high dynamic range). 

But what is HDR? Rather than increasing the number of pixels, it works to improve the quality of existing pixels – creating deeper blacks, brighter whites and a wider range of colours.

TVs carrying an Ultra HD Premium sticker will have met standards set out by the UHD Alliance regarding HDR, 4K and other things, to help people understand which TVs will give them the best Ultra HD experience.

All the flagship TVs we’re talking about have 4K resolution and are enabled for HDR -it's not one or the other.   

And all of Samsung’s 2016 4K SUHD TVs will carry the logo.


...and shouts about super-sharp quantum dot TVs

All of Samsung's 2016 4K SUHD TVs also feature quantum dot technology - a type of LED used to make the TV's display. 

It's an alternative to regular LED or OLED, and it works alongside 4K resultion rather than instead of. So all of Samsung's SUHD TVs are 4K resolution with quantum dot display. 

But what’s so great about it? Samsung says it ‘dramatically expands the colour range and gives more lifelike images without distortion or compromising brightness levels’.


Samsung makes its smart TVs part of the smart home

(credit: Associated Press)

Imagine switching off your lights, checking your security cameras and opening the front door – all from your TV. Sounds futuristic? It’s now possible, thanks to Samsung and SmartThings.

In the smart home, your heating, lighting, security and other things are connected over your home Wi-Fi. With SmartThings, you control numerous smart devices and sensors via a single smartphone app.

Now, new Samsung smart TVs are compatible with SmartThings, so you can control your security cameras, lighting, and much more through your TV. The SmartThings USB adapter – free to anyone who buys a 2016 Samsung SUHD TV – simply plugs into the telly.

The idea of the smart home, where everyday devices connect to the internet, is part of the Internet of Things (or IoT) - a big part of Samsung's plans for 2016. 


Is it time to lose the multiple living-room remotes?

With TVs, Blu-ray players, games consoles and set-top boxes – the average living room has a fair few remote controls. And it often seems like there’s always at least one that’s lost, right?

Samsung aims to end all of this, by bringing everything under the control of its TV remotedoing away with the need for multiple remotes.

‘We’ve broken down barriers between apps and inputs’ says Samsung, to make it ‘as easy to change between ESPN and Netflix as going from Channel 1 to Channel 2’.

When you connect your, say, Xbox One it’ll be automatically identified by the TV so you can control it with the TV remote.


The world’s first bezel-less TV

What’s a bezel? You may ask. And it’s a good question. The bezel is the frame around the edge of your TV. The fatter the bezel, the less actual screen you get.

Bezels have been getting slimmer for the past few years, but now we have the world’s first completely bezel-less TV from Samsung. Meaning the picture goes edge to edge.

‘You can focus on what matters most – the picture quality,’ says Samsung.


Defeat stray socks on laundry days with a game-changing washing machine

You know how it is: you’ve just put on a load of washing, you turn around and there’s a stray sock on the floor. You know you can’t get it in the machine ‘til the cycle’s finished – it’s so annoying.

Until now. Because Samsung has designed a new washing machine that you can add items to mid-wash, and it’s called AddWash.

Simply push the pause button, open the second door and add the item to the wash – from ‘a sock to a towel to a pair of jeans’ – without needing to drain the washer and open the main washer door.  


An innovative soundbar that makes ‘sound come alive’

A soundbar is a massive improvement on your TV’s speakers and much more straightforward to set up than home cinema speakers.

Now, Samsung has redesigned the soundbar to provide ‘a rich, full sound that is big enough to fill the room’.  

You can enjoy ‘sound from all directions – including overhead’ says Dolby’s Doug Darrow, ‘with astonishing clarity, power, detail and depth’.

How? It boasts Dolby Atmos technology, and a combination of forward and upward-facing speakers.

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