5 top tech tips to make your home safer

Home security hacks that give Kevin McCallister a run for his money

23 Jul 2020

Think DIY home security and you might have some Home Alone idea of Micro Machines under an open window or super-heated doorknobs. But thanks to massive advances in smart home tech, there are now loads of ingenious, affordable gadgets you can install yourself.

Whether you worry about home security when you’re away or you just want to feel more secure when you’re at home, smart tech has the answer. And you can control it all from your smartphone. So, here are five bits of amazing tech that will put home security in your pocket.


  1. Lock everything down remotely

Whether you’re away from home or just tucked up in bed, the old worry that you might have left something unlocked can be hard to shake. Smart locks to the rescue! Through an app on your phone, you can lock and unlock individual doors from wherever you are.

While that’s a great security feature, it also means you can let people in (like a friend or a cleaner) without having to be there or giving out keys. You can also have multiple locks and fit them to doors throughout the house – both inside and out. Some models will connect up to smart homes – so you can control them from a central hub.


  1. Lights are on, but no one’s home

We all know the old trick of leaving the hall light on to deter would-be burglars – but most people are wise to that. But with smart tech, you can take that a great leap further. Hook up some smart lighting and you can turn lights on in different rooms from wherever you are.

That’s a great start. But how about turning your front room lights on and playing a track of music or turning on the TV and switching over the channels? Controlling your smart home remotely can make it seem certain that someone is in. Even better, you can work out your routine and set a timer.


  1. Cover every angle with your own home CCTV

Gone are the days when you need bulky outdoor security cameras. Now you can get sleek, discrete Full HD security camera systems that won’t cost a bundle. Place small cameras wherever you need them – whether that’s covering a back fence or a window.

Not only will you get great quality video and wide field of view, but many systems will also have motion sensors – so you can check what next door’s cat is up to! Plus, some versions come with floodlighting and night vision – so you’re protected round the clock.

And with WiFi connection, the cameras link to an app which you can use to control your cameras anytime from anywhere. The two-way audio means you can talk to visitors. Plus, cloud storage lets you go back and review old video without cluttering up your device.

  1. Upgrade your doorbell

Nobody home? Make it safer with a smart doorbell. These 21st century doorbells have a wide field of vision that you can check from your smartphone – wherever you are.

Plus, they allow two-way communication. On a more innocent level, it’s a handy gadget for when you have a package delivery and you’re not in. When the delivery driver rings, you’ll get a notification and be able to talk directly. But many smart doorbells come with motion sensors that let you know when someone’s at your front door –so you can check who’s there in an instant. It’s a massive relief to be able to get a view from your front door to put you rmind at ease.


  1. Control it all from a hub or smart speaker

And there’s no need to have a security office and a bank of TV screens to control all this. Almost all smart devices can be monitored and controlled from a compatible hub or smart speaker and use a voice assistant (think Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri) to make it all work just with your voice. So, you can lock your door, hit the lights, turn on your cameras and check your front porch – all from one place.