Game and go with the HyperX Cloud MIX headset

With the HyperX Cloud Mix, you’ve got the choice of wired or wireless. Get your game on at home, or listen to music on-the-go…  

08 Mar 2019

Meet the HyperX Cloud MIX headset 


The HyperX Cloud MIX is such a versatile headset you should probably think of it as a two-in-one device. When you’re at home, it works perfectly as a dedicated gaming headset. Then, if you decide to venture outdoors, it easily converts into a wireless Bluetooth headset – ideal for keeping yourself entertained on your commute, or taking calls on the move. 


What we like about the HyperX Cloud MIX headset: 


  • Enjoy Hi-Res Audio in wired mode  
  • Easily converts into a wireless Bluetooth headset 
  • Perfectly portable, with small frame and ear cups 
  • Comfy design with HyperX memory foam 
  • Lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge 


Design and comfort 

As soon as you take the HyperX Cloud MIX out of the box – even before you put it on – you can tell that it’s a premium headset. The smooth metal frame feels strong yet lightweight, and the earcups and headband are covered with deep leatherette padding. 

HyperX Cloud MIX gaming headset closeup

That generous padding, along with the memory foam on the ear pads, makes the headset super cosy. You’ll be able to wear it for extended gaming sessions and long commutes without any issues. In fact, you might just forget you’ve even got it on. 

Hassle-free set-up with easy controls 

Set up couldn’t be easier. If you’re using the headset in wired mode, it’s simply a case of plugging the 3.5mm audio cable (included in the box) into your headphone jack and chosen device.  

To use the HyperX Cloud Mix as a wireless Bluetooth headset, all it takes is a long button press on the power button until it flashes blue and red.  You can then pair it with a compatible mobile phone, PC, tablet, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One. 

HyperX Cloud Mix gaming headset worn

When it comes to using the HyperX Cloud MIX, you’ve got a choice of wired or wireless controls as well. If you’re wired for sound, the main cable has a small control with a volume slider, and mute button for the mic. 

If you’re going wireless you can use the controls on the headset itself. The buttons are easy to find, with volume and power on the right earcup, and a mute button on the left. 


Sound quality on the HyperX Cloud Mix

We tested the HyperX Cloud MIX out in an epic Fortnite gaming session, and were hugely impressed. In wired mode, the Hi-Res Audio really helped us pick up on all those subtle sounds (enemy footsteps, glowing ammo crates) that we otherwise might have missed. 

A key piece of tech that makes these headphones sound so amazing is the dual chamber system for its sound drivers. This separates low and high audio frequencies to give you a smooth and accurate sound, without any distortion. Bass is powerful and deep, which really adds a bit of oomph to in-game explosions. And those high-end sounds like gun-shots and snapping twigs really pop out at you, making the game a whole lot more immersive. 

As for communicating with other players, the plug-in boom mic is noise-cancelling, so instructions to your online team-mates are always crisp and clear. And, because the boom mic is detachable, you can simply unplug it and leave it at home when you head outdoors. The headset itself has an inbuilt mic, so you can use it to make calls without looking like an air-traffic controller. 

If you’re looking for a versatile headset that you can use at home and on-the-go, then the HyperX Cloud MIX headset is a great choice. It’s beautifully designed, extremely comfortable, and adds a quality sound experience to games, music and videos.


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