Get fresh with these cool fridge freezer features

From door-in-door functions to adjustable temperature zones, what’s on your fridge wish-list?

15 Jun 2020

If you thought in-door ice dispensers were the coolest thing you’d ever seen in a fridge, think again.

Modern premium fridge freezers have some even cleverer features designed to keep your food fresher for longer. Not only do they preserve those all-important nutrients and flavours, they also mean less waste.


Raid the fridge without losing cold air

Not sure how much milk you’ve got left or whether the kids have scoffed the last yoghurt? With some fridges, you don’t even need to open the door to find out.

The LG InstaView American-Style Fridge Freezer comes with innovative door-in-door technology. Simply knock twice and the opaque glass turns transparent, so you can see what’s inside your fridge without losing cold air and energy – particularly handy when you have sticky hands.

If you want to grab a drink or snack, you just open the second door that keeps all your most-used items at the front of the fridge.

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Store food at the optimum temperature

If you regularly throw away limp lettuces or stale cheeses, having a fridge with multi-temperature zones can help.

According to the Love Food Hate Waste campaign, most households could save up to £60 a month just by reducing food waste.

Multizone technology enables you to select individual temperatures for specific drawers and compartments depending on what you’re storing rather than having to alter the temperature of the entire fridge.

Your produce will stay at the optimum freshness for longer, and you can also enjoy your food and drink just the way you and your family like it.

  • Preserve leftovers that you want to use later in the week
  • Give the kids a refreshing drink of ice cold milk
  • Chill wine, beer and desserts for parties
  • Keep delicate meats and cheeses at their best for longer

Maximise space with flexible storage solutions

While almost all fridges will let you rearrange the shelves, premium American-style fridge freezers offer extra space and greater flexibility for storing your groceries.

You can switch and swap your shelves and drawers around, with some compartments even changing size and shelves sliding out to help you reach items at the back of the fridge.

This is really useful when you’ve just done your big family shop and need to squeeze in all those tall fruit juices. Organising your food into separate compartments is also healthier as it reduces the risk of contamination from raw meat to fruit and veg.

It’s not just the insides that offer flexibility. Some American-style fridge freezers even have multiple doors giving you quick access to different temperature zones. Whether you need extra freezer room for a big family gathering or space to defrost the roast for Sunday dinner – they’ve got you covered.

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Say goodbye to defrost puddles

Defrosting a freezer isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, especially as all the pools of water leave you without any spare towels. Which is why a totally frost-free model is so appealing.

Not only does it save the hassle of regular maintenance, it also prevents a build-up of ice that can affect the efficiency of your appliance and clog up much-needed storage space for your weekly shop.

Get ice and water on tap

While fridge tech is getting ever more impressive, having a water dispenser is still a pretty cool innovation. Serve a glass of chilled water or crushed ice for a smoothie at the push of a button.

Before you buy though, check whether it needs to be plumbed in or not. If it does have to be linked to a water supply, you’ll usually have to pay more to have it installed. But the bonus is that you’ll never have to refill the water tank.


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