Get more done with the powerful HP Envy 13 laptop

Power, check – style, check – speed, check. Want more? Ok, let’s dive in…

29 Jul 2019

First off, let’s check out the Envy 13’s looks and build quality


The HP Envy 13 has clearly been designed to appeal to those who appreciate style. There are so many little touches that simply make it a joy to use. From the way the base speakers are angled to bounce sound off your desk, to the way the keyboard slightly tilts towards you when you open the lid.

So what about the way it’s put together? Well, HP has been building quality laptops for a very long time, so the fact that the Envy 13 feels like a premium, solid piece of kit should come as no surprise.

And when you turn it on, the Full HD, 13.3” screen is super sharp with vivid colours powered by the impressive Nvidia GeForce graphics driver. So whether it’s gaming spreadsheets or streaming movies, it’ll take everything in its stride and look good too.


Enough power to take on any task


Hp Envy 13

Ok, when we say ‘any task’, maybe you won’t be using it to run Mission Control for the next trip to the Moon, but for such a compact frame the Envy 13 packs a real punch.

Thanks to a speedy 8th gen Intel® Core™ i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM, not only can you breeze through most programmes with absolute ease, but you’ll be able to multitask so much better. Jumping between apps never felt so smooth.

The Nvidia GeForce MX 150 graphics card not only makes the visuals stunning, but it helps eliminate the lag in power-hungry programmes like video-editing apps and large games.


Work or play all day with an ultra-long battery life


Hp Envy 13

The HP Envy 13 is built for life on-the-go. You might be thinking that a laptop as thin and lightweight as this one wouldn’t be able to last throughout the day, but HP has this covered.

You’ll be able to take it anywhere, be it an external meeting, long train ride or conference hall, and get up to 14 hours of use before needing to reach for the cable. That means you can do a whole days’ work – and then some – from wherever your routine takes you.


Use it your way with the intuitive touchscreen


HP Envy 13

Any modern laptop should learn from a tablet. The reason tablets saw such a boom earlier this decade was because of the more interactive user experience they offered, all helped by that massive touchscreen.

And while the Envy 13 isn’t quite a tablet, it’s taken the best elements of one and incorporated them right into the screen. It offers gestures such as swipe and pinch to zoom, and generally lets you control it all without the need for a mouse or trackpad, which is especially great if you’re travelling on a busy bus or train.

It’s the perfect mash-up of tech for the entertainment-loving creative. You’ll keep finding something new the screen does that’ll make your life easier.

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