Get the party started with HYPERBOOM

The ultimate portable speaker’s got you sorted.

15 Oct 2020

Gearing up for the festive season? If you’re the go-to DJ for parties and get-togethers (even if it’s just your housemates!) then we think you’ll be seriously interested in the HYPERBOOM. And, no, those capital letters aren’t a mistake. The HYPERBOOM is the speaker for people who like it loud. So it stands to reason they’ve cranked up the volume on the name too.

But what really makes the HYPERBOOM such a great speaker? It’s packed with features to make sure your music sounds its best whatever the volume, wherever you are and whoever wants to get the tunes going. Let’s take a look.


Bring the bass

There’s almost nothing worse than tinny sound when you’ve got your favourite song on. Especially if you’re playing anything with a thumping bassline, like House or DnB. Well, now you’ve got no problem- no matter what you’re into.

The HYPERBOOM’s the loudest speaker from Ultimate Ears – a whole three times louder than the MEGABOOM 3. What’s more, it’s got 6.5 times more bass too. All you need to worry about are the neighbours!



Anytime, anywhere

Where you’re listening can have a big impact on the quality of your music. Indoors or outdoors, big room or small room. But this speaker’s got them all covered. The HYPERBOOM has an adaptive EQ that reads the room (or outdoor space) and automatically adjust the sound. Your music will always sound its best- no EQ fiddling necessary.

And it doesn’t matter where you’re streaming it from either. HYPERBOOM works with Apple Music, Spotify for Android, Amazon Music and Deezer Premium. Just push a button and you’re ready to go- even if you’ve not got your phone by you side. That’s because you can play, pause and skip tracks directly on the speaker.

What’s more, the HYPERBOOM’s prepared whatever the situation. It’s water resistant with an IPX4 rating. So if someone spills a drink or splashes a little pool water on it, it’s going to be fine.


Sharing’s caring

Nobody likes a music hog… even if secretly you know your music’s best. Give selfish DJs the boot with easy music sharing. The HYPERBOOM can play music from four different devices and switch between them without pausing. That means no faffing around with settings to the sound of awkward silence.

There’s space for one 3.5mm aux cable, one optical audio cable and two Bluetooth devices. Connect anyway you like!


Get up and go

Even though it’s powerful, the HYPERBOOM’s a portable speaker. With a handy pull-out strap, it’s easy to carry around. Take it to a mate’s, the park, wherever.


24-hr party people

Whether you’re up all night or taking it along on a trip, the HYPERBOOM will be able to keep up. It has a 24-hour rechargeable battery, so you won’t need to go without.

Or maybe it’s your phone that’s running out of juice. If so, you can plug it into the HYPERBOOM’s USB charge-out port to keep the music going.


‘appy Hardcore

The HYPERBOOM comes with its own app, called BOOM. Think of BOOM as your own quick and easy control hub. You can check the battery levels, remotely turn the speakers off, control the volume, customise the equaliser settings. You can even switch the music source or set a favourite playlist for no-fuss music control!

Want your music to play in multiple rooms? You can do that with the app too. If you’ve got another Ultimate Ears speaker like a BOOM, MEGABOOM or an extra HYPERBOOM you can sync them all using the PartyUp feature.


So, whether you want great sound at home or elsewhere, check out the HYPERBOOM.

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