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Give them the gift of being able to keep in touch…

18 Nov 2021

Connectivity is a great gift to give. Think about it. You’re buying something that lets you stay in touch with each other all year round… that’s got to beat socks or scented candles, right? If you need some inspiration, here’s our pick of the latest connected tech.

Seriously smart displays…

Facebook Portal - Smart Video Calling 10" Display

Facebook Portal is a clever piece of video calling tech designed to bring people closer. Get it as a gift for someone, and they can easily video call with friends and family using the likes of WhatsApp, Messenger or Zoom - even if the person they’re calling doesn't have Portal.

Facebook Portal makes video calls look and sound amazing. The Smart Camera automatically pans and zooms to keep everyone in view as they move around, and Smart Sound makes your voice crystal clear. Alexa’s built in too, so they control their smart home, play music, ask questions and loads more - all with their voice.

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) with Google Assistant

Google Nest Hub is a great gift for anyone who always seems to be rushing around, because it’s the ultimate timesaver. Not only will they be able to control the Nest Hub with their voice using Google Assistant, but they’ll also use the 7” touchscreen to see everything all in one place. They can organise the whole family’s schedule, sort all their smart home tech and stay entertained with shows, videos and music. It’s perfect for the bedroom too, with special programmes to help them get a better night’s sleep!

Top tablets and laptops…

Asus Chromebook Flip CM3200

This Christmas, why not give them a Chromebook? It’s a laptop that makes it easy to do the things they need to do.

Every Chromebook is powered by Chrome OS- a fast, simple and secure operating system created by Google. And they all come with long battery life, online and offline access, built-in security, automatic updates, and easy log-in to keep things simple.

The Flip CM3200 Chromebook is brilliant for students – or anyone who wants to make note taking, doodling or digital drawing easy. That’s because it comes with its own stylus, and can switch easily between tablet, tented and laptop mode. The screen looks bigger too, thanks to its 3:2 aspect ratio and thin bezels - so it’s great for social media scrolling, Netflix binging, or discovering cool new apps from the Google Play store.

Surface Go 3 powered by Windows 11

Give them the gift of Windows 11 powered laptop, with tons of brilliant new features to sink their teeth into. It has a new look and feel, and easy ways to search and stay organised.

Microsoft says it’s ‘been built to work for and with’ the lucky owner. So, they can enjoy personalised content that gives them the news and info they need faster (thanks to the world beating browser). Plus, they can get unleash their creativity with easy access to a wide range of apps and multi-tasking tools like Snap Assist – which lets them easily switch between their open windows, making complex tasks a lot more straightforward.

Surface Go 3 is the laptop for anyone that likes to get things done when they’re out and about. With its 2-in1 functionality, they’ll be able to quickly jot down notes in tablet mode and switch to laptop mode to work on lengthy documents.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7FE

The Galaxy Tab S7FE is a great all-rounder that can do pretty much anything. Doodle with the matching S Pen. Watch Christmas movies on the 12.4” screen. And get those carols going on the dual speakers with immersive Dolby ATMOS sound. Feeling Christmassy yet?

Now for some stunning smartphones…

Google Pixel 6

Does they have a passion for the latest Android tech? If so, the new Google Pixel 6 might make their Christmas. 

Google Pixel phones have a reputation for great cameras, and the Google Pixel 6 has the best camera setup yet. If they’re always on Insta or love to document nights out, this phone’s a real winner.  

Not only does the camera raise the bar, we think this is one of the best takes on the Android experience we’ve seen, and we aren’t the only ones. It’s the first phone to feature Google’s super-smart Tensor chip, and it packs lightning-fast 5G tech too. Put simply, this phone is born to do everything they need it to, but faster. 


Motorola Edge 20 Lite 

There’s nothing lightweight about the Motorola Edge 20 Lite. In fact, with features you’d expect on a phone three times the price, it’s a great all-rounder.

If they’re one of those people that can’t wait to get stuck into the next episode of that new show, the Edge 20 Lite’s OLED screen will put a big smile on their face. It’s by no means a small phone, so moving from the TV to continue that episode is no biggie.  

Elsewhere, the triple camera setup is fronted by a whopping 108MP sensor. With the amount of detail the main lens lets in, you may want to make them designated photographer at all future get-togethers and nights out.   


Oppo A54 5G 

The Oppo A54 offers incredible value for a phone with 5G tech onboard. It may be priced like a budget phone, but there’s plenty of amazing features that you just wouldn’t expect.  

The AI-enhanced quad camera won’t disappoint, especially when it comes to those Christmas day wide-angle family photos. There’s a huge battery too, which’ll keep it going throughout the day even if they’re far from a charger. And if they’re big on standout colours over subtle greys and blacks, the shimmering Fantastic Purple finish is a real head-turner. 

For phone accessories gift ideas, check out our gift guide for phone fans.

Looking for more gift ideas?

If you’d like more help picking the best tech stocking fillers, why not chat to a ShopLive tech expert? They’ll give you buying advice and even help you check out when you’ve made your choice.

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