Five of our best toasters

Over here at TechTalk we’ve been taking a look at some of the best options for creating the perfect toast; here´s our pick of five of the best!

25 Feb 2014

Ah, bread. It's the cornerstone to many of our diets, good for you, and delicious.  When it's toasted it tastes even better and getting that perfectly browned crispness is no mean feat.  Over here at Tech Talk we've been taking a look at the best of our selection of toasters and picked five of the very best to examine in more detail.

Dualit toaster








Dualit offers a range of stylish, retro looking toasters that will look great in any kitchen.  The polished stainless steel Dualit Vario delivers both shiny style and great performance for your most essential kitchen task; toasting bread!  With two variable width slots and a variable browning control, you can make toast just how you like it.  It also features a slot selector switch, so you can choose to make one slice at a time, saving on energy and the longevity of the toaster.

It also features reheat and frozen bread facilities, which allows for even greater flexibility.  In terms of safety, this Dualit toaster has a coldwall body, removable crumb tray and high-lift eject, meaning you won't be needing to stick a knife inside to get smaller pieces of bread out.



Breville toaster

BREVILLE Elements VTT311 4-Slice Toaster - Brushed Steel

Breville is a name that has always been associated with quality kitchen appliances, and the Breville Elements 4-Slice toaster is no exception.  Built from premium die-cast aluminium and polished stainless steel, it's both robust and versatile.  This high quality 4-slice toaster has been designed with a useful slot selection feature that allows you to select one, two, three or four slices, saving you time, energy and increasing the toaster's lifetime.

What's more, a lockable lift and look feature means you can check on the progress of your toast without cancelling the cycle; you'll never have burnt toast again!

This Breville toaster incorporates loads of other useful features including a defrost function and variable browning control.  Wide slots accommodate even the thickest of bread slices, while the removable crumb tray allows for pristine hygiene.  A fun little feature of this toaster is the toast progress countdown, which illuminates around the dial control letting you know how much longer you have to wait before indulging in your hot buttered toast.




KITCHENAID 5KMT4205BER Artisan 4-Slice Toaster - Empire Red


If you're looking for a premium toasting experience then the Kitchenaid Artisan 4-slice toaster could be just the one for you.  With seven shades of browning settings, it turns toasting bread into something of an exacting science with absolute precision availability. You can even keep track of its progress thanks to the digital LED countdown timer.

When finished, an auto sensor enables this Kitchenaid toaster to automatically lift your toast up in the slots, while a warming feature will keep it heated until you're ready to remove it.  So if you get called away to the phone or forget about it, it remains in perfect condition.  How cool is that?

The unique sandwich function and supplied sandwich rack make it easy to prepare delicious toasted sandwiches with a minimum of fuss. It's also super safe; the cool sidewalls and automatic shut-off function means this baby will just keep going and going If you're still not convinced it even comes with a 5-year guarantee, so you'll be enjoying toasted perfection for years to come!


RUSSELL HOBBS Glass Touch 18366 2-Slice Toaster - Black

This long slot, 2-slice futuristic looking toaster is a great option if you're looking to toast two slices at a time, or an extra-large individual slice of bread.  Designed to look fantastic in your kitchen, it offers quick and easy toasting via a cool blue LCD display panel, complete with seven touch controlled browning levels, a countdown timer and a warming rack. It's perfect for keeping slices warm post-toasting or heating awkwardly shaped breads, buns or croissants.

The touch panel automatically powers down after five minutes, saving on energy and increasing its longevity, so once you've used the cool blue LED touch control you don't even have to remember to turn it off!



DELONGHI Icona CTO-V4003BG 4-Slice Toaster - Cream

Delivering an impressive 1.8kW of power, this Delonghi toaster packs a lot of punch and is capable of delivering you perfectly toasted bread in a flash.  With four slots, you'll be able to prepare breakfast for two in one go. There's also the option to use two slots independently so you don't need to prepare more toast than you need, saving on energy and increasing the appliance's longevity.

What's great about this Delonghi toaster is that the slots offer variable width, meaning they are able to accommodate breads of varying thickness; bagels, buns, croissants - they can all go in for a toasting!

One of the best aspects of the toaster is its easy-to-use, easy-access electronic controls that let you get your toast exactly as you like it.  You can also reheat cooled slices, defrost frozen bread, programme in a bagel-specific setting and spare yourself the burnt slice with a handy cancel option.  The smooth dial and simple numeric indicator give you accurate browning control for perfect toast every time.  With the added features of a removable crumb tray, and the stability of non-slip feet, it's also safe and hygienic.


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