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25 Aug 2020

There’s a lot to think about when choosing a tumble dryer, from size and capacity to energy ratings. Plus, a lot of us are also looking closely at the green credentials of our appliances these days. If you’re thinking of upgrading to a more environmentally friendly laundry appliance, you’ll want to check out heat pump tumble dryer.


What is a heat pump tumble dryer?

Heat pump tumble dryers have all the same easy-to-use features as other tumble dryers, but they work in a greener way. They recycle hot air that normally gets lost during the drying process, and use it to keep drying your clothes. That’s kinder to the environment than standard tumble dryers, and it helps to reduce your monthly energy bills.


So, do heat pump tumble dryers need a vent?

Nope. Unlike vented tumble dryers, heat pump tumble dryers don't need to expel hot air outside - so you’ll never have to stick a hose out of a door or window. They also won’t create any hot air or moisture inside your home, so don’t worry about that.


What’s the difference between a heat pump tumble dryer and a condenser tumble dryer?

A condenser tumble dryer removes the moisture from your clothes, and collects it in a container underneath the machine that need to be regularly emptied. Heat pump tumble dryers work in a much more energy efficient way we’ve already spoken about – by simply recycling hot air to get your clothes dry.


What are the benefits of a heat tumble dryer?

The big benefit of this energy efficient tech is that you’ll save money on your energy bills. Heat pump dryers are super-efficient, and use less than half the energy than condenser or traditional dryers.

Heat pump technology also dries your clothes with greater care - so they’ll stay in great shape for longer.

And as we already mentioned, ducted venting to the outside and don't create hot air or moisture in the room. So they’re great for flats and small living spaces.


What are the best heat pump tumble dryers?

Here’s our pick of the best heat pump tumble dryers currently available.

Samsung 9kg Heat Pump tumble dryer

Samsung’s OptimalDry™ technology uses moisture and temperature sensors to adjust your drying time for the perfect result. Not only does it save energy, but it also protect your clothes.

Plus, this tumble dryer is so smart that it remembers your laundry habits and suggests your favourite cycles, and you can schedule your wash from anywhere with the handy SmartThings app.

Shop for the Samsung 9kg Heat Pump tumble dryer


LG FDV909W WiFi-enabled 9kg heat pump tumble dryer

This smart tumble dryer is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can control it from your phone or other smart device. You don’t have to be in the same room to start or stop it! It also boasts a unique eco technology feature that uses lower temperatures to protect your clothes, and prevents them from being over-dried.

Shop for the LG FDV909W heat pump tumble dryer


Bosch Serie 4 WTW85231GB 8kg heat pump tumble dryer

Laundry doesn't need to be noisy. This Bosch Serie 4 heat pump tumble dryer has an AntiVibration™ system that dries your clothes quieter.

It also has sensors that monitor exactly how each different item is drying. There are special cycles for shirts, blouses and towels, so it's a perfect dryer for families.

Shop for the Bosch Serie 4 heat pump tumble dryer


Other green features to look out for

If you’re on the look out for a green tumble dryer, be sure to go for one with a great energy efficiency rating.

The more energy efficient an appliance is, the less power it’ll use. That’s handy for the environment, and cutting down your energy bills too. The rating system goes from G to A+++, and the best heat pump tumble dryers should all have that top A+++ rating!

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