Goodbye, nano and shuffle: Apple bumps off noughties iPod icons

Get your noughties nostalgia on – Apple is discontinuing the iPod nano and shuffle. We take a stroll down memory lane to celebrate two iPod icons.

02 Aug 2017

Apple Music

Credit: Apple

The Nokia 3310 may have made a comeback this year, but its noughties companions the iPod nano and shuffle haven’t been as lucky.

A love letter to the Nokia 3310 – the phone that defined the Noughties

Just like the classic Nokia brick, early edition iPods were our first taste of small portable tech and hold a special place in our hearts. But they didn’t just transform the way we listen to music, they changed the whole music industry.


From 2005:

  • iPod shuffle and nano are launched by Apple
  • British music charts combined physical and downloaded singles sales for the first time ever

To 2017:

  • Music charts are dominated by streaming
  • Apple tech loyalists prepare for the 8th generation of the iPhone


Looking back at the iPod shuffle

Let’s go back to 2005. Brad and Jen rocked the world with their break-up and Rhianna kick starts her music career with “Pon de Replay”.iPod Shuffle

Credit: Apple

Four years after the iPod classic, Apple go back to basics by releasing the iPod shuffle – an ultra-portable music player. If you’re struggling to remember what the original was like, here are some highlights:

  • Shaped like a pack of chewing gum, with click wheel-style buttons
  • USB connector plugged straight into your computer for syncing music
  • Battery life of 12 hours
  • 1GB capacity held up to 240 songs

Remember things lasted whole days on one charge and there wasn’t a screen for you to see what you’re scrolling through? Ah, those were the days.


A short history of the iPod nano

Steve Job’s unveiling of the nano has got to be one of the best tech reveals ever – he famously pulled it out of the tiny pocket on his jeans.iPod Nano

Credit: Apple

Introduced to the world in September 2005, the nano was meant to replace the 2004 iPod mini (a smaller version of the chunky classic). Here are its highlights:

1st gen

  • 14-hour battery life
  • Up to 4GB capacity 

2nd gen

  • Redesigned with metallic casing and curved edges
  • Apple called it “world’s most popular digital music player.”

5th gen

  • More than just a music player
  • New features include a video camera, microphone, FM Radio, built-in pedometer and speaker

6th gen

  • Apple dump the video camera, voice recorder and speaker
  • Nano goes square with full-sized high-res touch-screen
  • Fitness app tracks both walking and running
  • Accessories included watch straps because of its size


What can we look forward to now? 

Don’t be too cut up about the loss of these noughties icons. If you’ve got an original iPod classic, shuffle or nano lurking in a drawer somewhere, you might be sitting on a small fortune.

Original iPods are massively popular collectors’ items among Apple fans and tech geeks. Let’s be honest, they are a part of history.iPod touch

Credit: Apple

There’s new tech to get excited about as well. Apple launched their new HomePod at WWDC earlier this year, which will be available from December 2017.

The voice-activated smart speaker, has powerful speaker technology, communicates via Siri and can wirelessly stream the entire Apple Music library.

Find out more about the apple HomePod in our update from WWDC

Get your hands on an iPod nano or shuffle while you still can.

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