Google Home: Everything you need to know

Stay organised, informed and entertained with Google Home. Just say ‘Hey Google…’ and your smart assistant does the rest.

25 Nov 2019

Google Home is a hands-free smart speaker powered by Google Assistant and connected to your Wi-Fi. You can get answers to questions, check your daily calendar, stream music and do all kinds of stuff. Simply say ‘Hey Google’ and ask your question or make a request.

Google Assistant a voice-activated digital assistant – a bit like Siri or Cortana. You ask it things and tell it to do stuff. It uses the best of Google (Search, Maps Translate) to give you answers.

What’s really cool is that Google Assistant can carry out a 2-way conversation with you. Google uses a ‘combination of our natural language processing, machine learning and voice recognition’ so you can enjoy a natural chat.

Say your first question is ‘where’s the nearest petrol station?’ You can then ask ‘when does it close?’ or ‘does it have a Costa?’

Check out how to get 'big help from a little mini'... that's the new Google Nest Mini.


Just remember, the trigger phrase to talk to the Home speaker is ‘Ok, Google’ or ‘Hey Google’.

Of course, if you already have Google Home, you might wonder what’s changed. We’re here to give you what you need to know.


Say hello to the 2nd Generation Google Nest Mini

A lot of the things we loved about the original Google Home are carried over, but this compact new model can be wall-mounted – so you don’t have to worry about tripping over it anymore.

google nest mini

It will also come in a whole new range of colours – so you can match your Google Nest Mini with your home’s colour scheme.

Also, since the Google Assistant is constantly being upgraded and improved, it means that your Google Nest Mini will be evolving too.

We can also expect a 3.5 mm audio jack on the device, similar to the Amazon Echo Dot, though it’s not yet clear if you’ll be able to connect it to other speakers from there.

We’re definitely looking forward to motion sensors, meaning that the Google Nest Mini will be activated when you move towards it. And a further feature is a Bluetooth connection, which should allow you to connect up to your phone or laptop.

Check out the Google Nest Mini


Google Home - bigger speaker, bigger sound

The Google Home Speaker comes with beefed-up sound and bass and a higher volume setting – so everything you play on it sounds great.

google home speaker

Just say 'Hey Google' and play your favourite music

So, you can step out of the shower, say “Hey Google” and “Play” and you’ll be able to start the day with a jig. Probably best when you have the place to yourself.

Ask your Google Assistant for help and stay organised

Google Assistant is great for helping you to get things sorted. So, whether you want to find a nearby place to get a haircut or you need reminding of a doctor’s appointment or birthday, the Google Assistant is your one-stop shop for planning out your day.


Get help at a glance with the Google Nest Hub

You can use the Nest Hub to be the central control centre for your smart devices around the house, including smart lights, doorbell – thanks to its dashboard Home View.

google nest hub

The ultimate digital photo frame

Hub is the only digital picture frame you’ll need. With Google Photos’ Recent Highlights feature, you can see your best and latest pictures automatically–no manual updates required.

Control your connected home with Google Assistant built-in

When your smart devices are all hooked up, you can then control them using just your voice through Google Assistant. Want the lights on? It’s easy. Just say: “Hey Google, hit the lights!”

Watch YouTube videos without lifting a finger

Want to watch your favourite cat videos without getting up? No problem. Just say “Hey Google, open Youtube” and you’re ready to go!


Know who's knocking with the Nest Hello Doorbell

You can see who’s at the door remotely thanks to the Nest Hello Doorbell. You can even talk to them – so no more undelivered packages.

ring video doorbell


Save energy effortlessly with the Nest Thermostat E

Going on holiday and forgot to turn the heating off? No problem, you can do that from your phone. The Nest Thermostat E lets you adjust the temperature of your house from wherever you are.

It also means you can have the heating on exactly when you need it – without relying on wasteful timers.


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