Hands on with the Dyson V11

We know our way around a cordless vacuum – but the Dyson V11 knows its way around flooring like no other vacuum yet. Trust us, this machine knows things.

04 Apr 2019

How does the Dyson V11 perform?

In other words, what’s the battery life like? We know that when it comes to vacuuming, a strong battery is key. While cleaning the carpet, we tried out all three modes: Auto Mode, Boost Mode and Eco Mode.

Although Eco Mode is the best for longer cleaning sessions (giving us up to an hour of uninterrupted cleaning time) its suction is less powerful than Boost Mode. Vacuuming on Boost mode is very satisfying, and you can really feel the suction. But it’s designed for a quick spruce rather than a lengthy vacuum, as the battery will drain quicker.

It was Auto Mode that truly blew our minds though. Why? Because it uses built-in sensors on the High Torque cleaner head to detect brush resistance. Basically, what that means is the V11 changes the suction power to suit carpets or hardwood floors. While getting to grips with it, we went from hard flooring to carpet, and the settings just adjusted themselves (you could hear the difference) – with no need to change the brush head at all.

It’s partly down to the V11’s new motor, which is 20% more powerful than the V10, spinning at an incredible 125,000 revolutions per minute. Plus, it has a triple diffuser built-in to reduce noise. We couldn’t get our heads around how a machine this powerful could be so quiet.


The Dyson V11’s look and feel

From a distance, the V11 may look a lot like the V10 but up close you notice it’s a much sleeker machine. Also, the V11 lets you clip your accessories onto the vacuum itself, which is a feature the V10 didn’t have. It really comes in handy if you’re prone to losing attachments or leaving them in other parts of the house when you’re cleaning the place from top to bottom.

Dyson V11 LCD Display

The biggest change to the design for us was the new LED display on the top of the barrel. It was the first thing we noticed when we picked it up, because it’s really bright and colourful. The display clearly shows you what vacuuming mode you’re on, and the remaining runtime for that mode. It even lets you know when it’s time to change the filter and if it’s not connected properly. It’s so handy, and a real game changer where cleaning’s concerned.

We had a little look at the bin as well and discovered it’s 40% bigger than the V10s. That means less emptying, which is totally fine by us.

Dyson V11

Overall verdict

The Dyson V11 is one of the best cordless vacuums we’ve ever handled. So much so, we tried to sneak it home to give our carpets a quick once over. The design is loads slimmer, and the new battery modes, LED display and improved filtration and suction take it to the next level.

It handled like a dream, even when it came to larger clumps of debris - and the fact that it just knew which mode worked best every time is something we’ve never seen before. If anything can make vacuuming fun, it’s the new Dyson V11.


Introduce the Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner to your floors today.


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