Hands on with the PS5

We took the PS5 for a spin. Spoilers: it’s awesome!

17 Nov 2020

It’s a massive understatement to say we’ve been excited for the PS5 for a while. Any PS4 fans will be wondering if the upgrade is worth it. Is the next generation of consoles such a big leap? Short answer? Yes. Yes it is.

We’ll take you through some of the best features, give you the lowdown on what you need to know and help you bag one for yourself. Ready player?


Serious graphics upgrade

It wouldn’t be a new console without a massive boost to the graphics. And if you’re a keen gamer, you may have already been drooling about what this machine can do. New games made for this system are unreal! In 4K, you can see even the tiniest details and it’s unbelievably clear. The PS5 handles all that extra resolution with a framerate of 120 frames per second too. No jerky motion, no judders, just a seriously realistic picture.

But what about older games? After all, most of you PlayStation fans are going to want to play your back catalogue. Good news. The PS5’s backwards compatible, so no need to chuck out your old favourites.  Older titles get a makeover, giving you a crisp and detailed picture. And with all that extra power under the hood, you get smooth performance and loading times are way faster. And that goes for in-game and when you’re powering on your PS5 and loading up a game. So no more twiddling your thumbs on those loading screens.

Brand new controller

First thing’s first. The new controller looks properly sci-fi with its sick black and white styling. Think Stormtrooper chic. But what’s great about it isn’t just the design. The controller’s haptic feedback has been seriously improved – meaning you really feel the game. Vibrations in the controller are even more realistic, mimicking what you can see on screen. And the triggers have adaptive resistance too - so pulling back a bow will feel totally different to firing a machine gun.

And Playstation get that we like to watch gaming, as well as play ourselves. Maybe that’s why this new controller lets you take screenshots and record your game. The new controller even has a built-in mic – great for Youtubers!


Sounds amazing

And did we mention 3D audio? It’s pretty much what you’d expect from the name – a cinematic surround sound experience. So, if an enemy’s creeping up on you, you’ll hear them as though they were over your shoulder. Or if there’s a dragon flying overhead, you’ll hear that too! That makes it easier to pinpoint exactly where any opponents are, so you can quickly get the drop on them.


Super quiet

Another thing we noticed is just how quiet this machine is. Its design may seem like a fashion statement, but it’s just a really clever way of concealing fans and vents in place to keep this beast cool. And staying cool means that your PS5 will stay quiet even when the system is being pushed. So, you won’t wake your housemates or family with those late-night gaming sessions.

Dazzling dash

This may not be everybody’s first spot, but we really like the new PlayStation dashboard. It’s been overhauled so that it’s really smart and has a fresh ne look. As a nice added touch, when you scroll over the different games you’ve downloaded/ installed each has its own theme that plays. It’s like the tiny textured little Circle, X, Triangle, Squares on the controller and console. It may not be make or break stuff, but it’s those nice little details.


And there are waaay more features that we can even begin to cover. So why not see for yourself? Get your PS5 from Currys right now!

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