Fridge freezers to match every occasion

Over here at Tech Talk we’re getting ready for the long, hot summer by looking at the range of Curry’s fridge freezers to suit virtually every occasion.

29 May 2014

As temperatures rise more and more people take to dining outside and look for an extra level of convenience when it comes to keeping food and drink cool at home.  Over here at Tech Talk we're getting ready for the long, hot summer by looking at the range of Curry's refrigeration appliances to suit virtually every occasion.


SMEG Fridge Freezer

For the family:  SMEG FAB30RFC Fridge Freezer

The Italian brand Smeg is known the world over for its cool, retro-style fridge freezers.  The perfect accompaniment to any stylish kitchen, they are also extremely practical and make for a perfect family friendly fridge thanks to their smart design and good use of space.

Just because these units have the distinct 'old school' look don't be fooled into thinking they are old fashioned.  Combining the latest cooling technology with cost-effective performance that's kinder to the environment, it comes with an excellent A++ energy efficiency rating.  It's also free of CFC and HFC gases.

In terms of storage capacity, the Smeg FAB30RFC boasts an impressive 229 litre capacity, along with robust safety glass shelves, which are height adjustable to accommodate different size items.  It's all very secure too, so there's no danger of the shelves collapsing on little ones stretching to grab something from a higher tier shelf.

One of the few shortfalls of this fridge may be in the freezer space.  Depending on the size of your family it might be a little too small; a decent 64 litres for frozen items is fine for parents and a child, but any more than that and you might find yourself running a bit short - depending on appetites! 

Stand out features of this model include the fast chilling in the fridge compartment, so new items quickly come down to the desirable temperature for preservation.  The automatic defrosting function also saves you time and energy and keeps your fridge in tip-top shape through its regular interval defrosting feature.

Perfect for:  Medium-sized families looking for both style and functionality





Husky Mini Fridge

For the football:  HUSKY EL202 Budweiser Mini Fridge

If you're looking for a handy cooling unit for keeping those cans cold during this summer's World Cup then look no further than the 49 litre Husky EL202 Budweiser Mini Fridge.  This stylish little unit lets you store up to 40 large cans in one place, for easy drinking during live sport - without the need for a detour to the kitchen!

It also has the official Budweiser branding on the side so there's no arguing as to the purpose of this fridge and who it belongs to!  A split-level shelf allows for easy storing and for separation of its contents.

Technically it's a relatively simple piece of kit; its single cooling setting will have your drinks cold in an hour or so.  It also comes with an A rated energy class, which means that this energy efficient fridge won't cost a lot to run either, which will reassure those that are jealous of your new 'toy!'

Another great use for this mini compact fridge is for keeping things cool when you're chilling out in the garden over the summer months.  Although it's not fit for storage in an outbuilding or unheated area, it's just right for a few hours outdoor use on a summer's day via an extension cable and power socket.

Perfect for:  Relaxing whilst watching sport, garden usage during summer




LG Fridge Freezer

For the summer party:  LG GSL545NSYV American-Style Fridge Freezer

If you've got a big family or are planning a summer party and have a lot of extended family members and friends coming over then you'll need an American-style fridge freezer to match.  As with most things 'American-style', this basically means XXL, and the LG GSL545NSYV doesn't disappoint on the size front.

Boasting a massive 540 litre storage capacity, the fridge section delivers an impressive 362 litres of space, with five separate sturdy shelves for all your jars, plates and bottles of varying shapes.  The height of the shelves is easily adjustable too. The freezer section is also massive and delivers an impressive 178 litres of storage in an entirely frost free compartment, which helps to maximise the space available.

A real stand out feature of this American fridge freezer is the two salad crispers that help to keep your greens fresh, crunchy and delicious - it even features adjustable humidity, so you can prepare those summer party salads in advance keep them fresh until it's time to serve!  There's also a wine rack with will store up to four bottles, with loads of space underneath, plus an egg rack and dairy corner to everything neat and separate. 

Maintenance is also a cinch thanks to the automatic defrost function, which prevents unnecessary frost build-up and keeps things as hygienic as possible.  As you expect from such a modern piece of hit, it has an A+ energy rating and even comes with Express Freeze technology, which rapidly lowers the temperature of newly-introduced items to match current levels and preserve the atmosphere and integrity of the freezer environment.  Now that's one smart fridge!




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