How 5G will improve your gaming experience

If you love gaming on your phone, there’s never been a better time to make the step up to 5G. Here’s why…

09 Apr 2020

As phones have got better and better over the years, so have the games we play on them. The latest phones have as much power as your trusty laptop, and that means they’re able to handle more, whether that’s a shared project being developed on in real time, or an online multiplayer with hundreds of players.

However, 5G is the biggest development to smartphones in a long time, and it’s going to completely change how we play the games we love on the go. Here, we’ll explain how:


Is 5G good for gaming?

Have you ever given up playing a game of Fortnite or Call of Duty on your phone because moving from place to place felt jumpy? 5G phones put an end to that once and for all in a number of ways.

Because 5G is able to download bundles more information than 4G, it’s able to deliver a consistently smooth connection to game servers, making every action feel smooth and precise. It can also handle more people on the network at the same time. So, even if there are plenty of people browsing the web locally on the same network as you, it shouldn’t affect your game.

All of this means that you should be able to enjoy the same responsiveness playing an online multiplayer as you do when you’re playing a platform game offline.


Will 5G reduce ping?

When we talk about how fast 5G is, it’s not just about upload and download speeds (though downloading a film in seconds is always handy). The biggest thing that 5G speed solves is latency.

Latency, or ‘ping’, means the time between entering a command into your phone (or tapping a button) and the action happening on screen. In the case of online gaming, the command you give is sent to the game server and then relayed back as the desired action on-screen. Low latency is crucial for drifting around hairpin turns in racing games and for winning Mexican standoffs in big battle royales.

Because 5G reduces the time it takes to send your ‘run’, ‘jump’, ‘crouch’ or ‘shoot’ command to the server, you’ll see it happen much, much faster. Of course, having a super-fast reaction time is still what separates the Sunday gamers from the serious competitors, but 5G’s minimal ping time still offers a massive head start.


Best 5G phones for online gaming

Since 5G sets new benchmarks for gaming that were almost unreachable only a few years ago, this is the most desirable thing to look for in a new phone if you’re a big-time gamer. But there’s a few other features you’ll definitely want as well. Fortunately, there’s already a few phones out there that deliver the full package, and a pretty amazing mobile gaming experience.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G and Samsung S20 Ultra are both practically made for gaming. The former is by no means a small phone at 6.2-inches, while the 6.9-inch S20 Ultra is almost tablet size. Both have a 120Hz display for incredibly smooth motion for movies and games. In fact, that’s probably twice the refresh rate of your TV, so the gap between mobile gaming and playing at home moves a little closer.

Under the hood, they have different processors but both are made for 5G connectivity. Ranging between 8 and 16GB RAM, you still get memory to rival your PC even at entry level and enough storage for a library of games.

If you’re more of a strategy gamer or tend to go for mobile like Scrabble and chess, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G has you covered. It doesn’t have the 120Hz screen that the S20 series does, but it’s still four times better than Full HD.

The Note 10+ can take the heat, too. It has a vapour chamber cooling system that keeps your internal hardware cool as a cucumber even hours into a gaming session.

The real draw is the Bluetooth S Pen, the Note 10+’s stylus that’s stowed within the phone. With this, it’s easy to tap and drag pieces onto the board game you’re playing. It gives you a serious advantage in Draw Something, too.


Best online games for 5G phones

No matter whether you’re an FPS player or more into your sports games, there’s already plenty of online games out there that can put your 5G phone through its paces. Here’s a few to get you started:


Call of Duty: Mobile

The Call of Duty series has been around for over 15 years, and has become the go-to online FPS game for millions around the world. Call of Duty: Mobile takes the best elements of the console game and brings them to your phone, free of charge.

You can play battle royales, team up with friends in 5 vs 5 matches or even go for sniper vs sniper. Every mode is frantic and fun, and that 5G low latency is bound to prove a lifeline.


Fortnite: Mobile

Fortnite has been around for a couple of years now, but the format remains timeless. Put simply: 100 people parachuting onto a map that gets smaller throughout the game, and the last person standing wins. You’ll have to loot boxes, take on your fellow gamers in high-adrenaline battles and build your way to victory.

The smooth motion 5G provides is key to spotting incoming opponents and hearing exactly where they’re lurking from a distance. That way, you can plan your attack in advance and make sure you react faster.


FIFA Football

Another world-famous console game gone mobile, but the portable version of this decades-old favourite doesn’t disappoint. You can take on your friends in full 11 vs 11 matches, or anyone else online, just like FIFA on your console. Plus, you can add your mates to your friends list to start recording your head to head stats for bragging rights.

Even if you’re the FIFA Lionel Messi, you’re going to have to plan your route to goal. That’s where that super-fast 5G connection comes in. Consistently smooth gameplay and realistic movement mean you’ve got those crucial moments to anticipate tackles, make a last-second pass or cross the ball before the defenders make it back.

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