How buying the right oven can make you a Bake Off champion

Ready, steady, bake! Wave goodbye to soggy bottoms with these champion ovens.

10 Sep 2019

Baked Alaska, vol-au-vents and showstopper Danishes are all yours to create. But how, you ask? It all starts with the oven.

Whether you’re aiming for Star Baker or just trying to whip up a few cupcakes, buying the right oven could be the difference between a baking disaster and a Hollywood handshake.

So, what are you waiting for? Prepare to arm yourself with oven features that would make Prue Leith smile.


Automatic food sensor

Take your cooking into the 21st century with AEG’s precision cooking food sensor ovens. Using touch-screen displays, simply use the oven, to set the temperature you want to cook your food at and sit back while your favourite meals get cooked exactly to your liking. And, when it’s done the oven will turn itself off so you’ll never overcook again. 

aeg food sensor roast chicken

Cooking doesn’t get much smarter than that!



Cooking with steam? That’s right. Whether you’re locking vitamins into your chilli, boosting the flavour of your roast or making that Victoria sponge texture even fluffier, steam-baking won’t just transform your baking, it will transform your life. 

aeg steambake bread

Want an oven that offers both? AEG’s SteamBake Electric Oven is the one for you. It’s ideal for healthy family cooking. AND you can go one step further and get self cleaning with AEG’s SteamBake Pyro Electric Oven.


Multiflow Technology

Tired of fluctuating temperatures messing with your bakes? Eliminate soggy bottoms for good with Hotpoint’s Multiflow Technology.

It’s a move away from the conventional oven fan, using multiple flows of heat to create a constant temperature in every corner.

No more burnt edges and no more raw middles – this oven ensures perfect bakes, every time.


Family sized

Batch baking can be tricky, especially when you’re cooking for a crowd. So why not get all those dishes comfortably cooked in one go?

With a 71 litre capacity, the Hotpoint Multiflow Single Built-In Oven can cope with even the biggest family suppers and dinner parties.


Catalytic cleaning

The Hotpoint Multiflow also has built-in catalytic cleaning technology, so you can put all that elbow grease into kneading and absolutely none into scrubbing.

Ready, steady, bake!

jamie oliver hotpoint oven

Meet the Hotpoint Multiflow Single Built-In Oven. From family celebrations to dazzling dinner parties, this oven will see you happily through even the biggest get-togethers.

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