How can AEG help you host the perfect dinner party

Be the host with the most with these six AEG kitchen features...

17 Sep 2018

How can AEG help you host the perfect dinner party

AEG’s kitchen tech will help you to make sure everything goes off without a hitch – and that you’ll enjoy every minute just as much as your guests.



1. SenseCook and Food Sensor

Don’t tell chefs about this one. With SenseCook and the built-in Food Sensor temperature probe you can take the guesswork out of cooking and make restaurant-quality food with just the turn of a wheel.

Having friends and family over for Sunday dinner? Use the innovative and simple command wheel to choose how cooked you want your food – rare, medium or well-done.

AEG Command Wheel

Then just stick the Food Sensor into your dish and let SenseCook do all the hard work for you.

Once your meal is cooked to perfection, the oven switches off to prevent overcooking. That leaves you to get on with more important stuff – like keeping those drinks topped up.


2. Pyrolytic cleaning

Your dinner party is coming up fast, but your oven is looking a bit… vintage. You need to give it a good clean, so what do you do? Break out the scouring pads, pop on some gloves and get down ‘n’ dirty?

Think again. With AEG’s pyrolytic cleaning, your oven heats up to its maximum temperature, charring grease and turning it to ash. All you have to do then is wipe away the dust.

And once the party is over, you can simply set the oven to clean again, leaving it just the way you started – spotless.

Want both of these features in one oven?

Choose the AEG SenseCook Electric Oven


3. SteamBake

AEG SteamBake

Hosting is all about the wow factor. Everything needs to be perfect, from the smells drifting through the house, to the freshly pressed napkins – and all presented beautifully to boot.

To host the dinner party of the century, here’s a secret you won’t want to miss: SteamBake™ from AEG. Simply by adding a little steam to your cooking, you can get the smell, taste and look of a restaurant-quality meal.

Want to bake a pudding that’s doughy and moist on the inside but crusty and golden on the outside? Or trying to cook a lasagne with a crisp, golden crust and a gooey, creamy middle? No problem. SteamBake™ has you covered, whatever’s on the menu.

Take your bakes to the next level.

Choose the AEG SteamBake™ Oven



4. Stop+Go Pause Control

AEG Induction Hob

What do you do when you’re halfway through cooking and your guests suddenly turn up? Easy. You press pause, serve some drinks, then come back to finish the food prep later.

With the Stop+Go pause button, simply press and your hob reduces the temperature of each zone of the hob to keep your food warm - without overcooking or burning anything. When you’re ready to finish your masterpiece, press ‘go’ to start where you left off. How did we ever survive without this button in our lives?


Washing Machine

5. SoftWater and ProSteam technology

AEG Washing Machine

You’ve got to look fabulous, so you’ll probably want to wear that really nice outfit you’ve got – you know, the one with the really delicate fabric?

No need to fret. Choose an AEG washing machine with SoftWater Technology – which removes impurities from the water – and your washing machine can deliver the deep clean of a 60-degree wash at 30 degrees.

That means you get a proper wash that’s gentle on delicate clothes, but without any worries about colour fading over time.

And if that wasn’t enough, AEG’s ProSteam technology adds steam to the cycle to reduce wrinkles by up to a third, meaning less ironing and more time to fix your hair.


6. ProSense technology

At any dinner party, the smallest details make all the difference. So, what do you do when you’ve forgotten to wash the tablecloth?

SoftWater and ProSteam tech

It’s times like these you’ll be glad to have AEG’s ProSense technology in your washing machine. It measures the weight of the items in your drum and adjusts the cycle accordingly.

So, if you’re only washing one item, you won’t need to worry about waste as the machine will only use the smallest amount of water.

An added bonus? You can tell all your friends how energy-efficient your washing machine is – and how much cash you’re saving on bills.


Discover all the ways AEG could save you time in the kitchen by checking out their full range of appliances

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