How to use tech made from recycled materials

Anything we can do to cut down our plastic use is a plus...

01 Mar 2022

Recycling’s a great way to go greener - whether that’s making sure your packaging goes in the right bin, or chucking household waste on the compost heap.

But making that positive change towards a more sustainable future isn’t just about what we do with our rubbish. It’s also about the choices we make when we buy new stuff.

In the UK our average recycling rate is 45%. Below half isn’t great – especially when you think about the 221 million tonnes of total waste we generate in a year! So we could all do with a helping hand to make that 45% go up!

Our Go Greener range focuses on lots of areas. How to save water, save energy and reduce household waste. But we’re also shining a light on tech that helps you recycle.

Now you can shop knowing that you’re making a more sustainable choice. Check out these brands making a difference.


This brand makes it easy to cut down on single-use plastic with their Spirit Sparkling Water Maker. Rather than buying bottles from the shop, you can make your own sparkling water at home. Fancy. And environmentally friendly.

You get a free 1 litre BPA-free PET carbonating bottle with your Sparkling Water Maker. So you can just fill it up with water from the tap, lock it into the machine, and in seconds you’ve got fresh fizzy water. Plus, you can add flavouring too – so no bottles of squash or cola needed either.

The bottle lasts three whole years. Think about how many plastic bottles you’d usually buy in that time. Probably a lot. Now cut that down to just one. Feels pretty good, doesn’t it?


It’s no surprise that Google (whose motto was ‘don’t be evil’ back in the day) have made a commitment to green tech. That’s why everything in the Nest family, including the latest Google Nest Mini (2nd gen), is made from 100% recycled materials.

Now rather than ending up in landfill or our oceans, these plastic bottles are helping make our everyday lives a little bit simpler. That’s because the Nest Mini is a combined speaker and voice assistant. Organise your day, listen to music, control your smart home – all of it’s just a command away.


If you want a green laptop, the Acer Aspire Vero AV15-51 15.6" is a machine that takes reusing and recycling seriously.

The laptop chassis is made using over 30% of recycled plastic, and half the material used for its keycaps is made from recycled plastics too. Plus, the cardboard used in its packaging can be fully recycled - or you can use it as a handy laptop stand and help reduce waste even more!

What we’re doing

Did you know that Currys is the biggest recycler of waste electricals in UK Retail? That’s 65,000 tons every year. We’re serious about sustainability, which is why we only sell items that can be recycled.

We want to make recycling as easy as possible for our customers. So, it’s free to recycle with us when you bring tech in-store - or we can take it away from your home for a small fee.

Go for greener tech!

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