How does Samsung AddWash™ work?

Forgotten something and started the washing cycle? Tech is here to help!

08 Dec 2021

When you’re doing a big load of laundry, it’s all to easy to put on your wash and then find stray socks that have escaped on the way to the washing machine. And what if you’ve forgotten to add fabric softener and you’re worried that your towels will come out tough?

It used to be that there was nothing you could do. Open the door mid wash and you’d flood the kitchen floor. Or you’d have to drain the washing machine and start the load all over again. Either way, it’s time and water wasted when you have better things to do.

Fortunately, there’s a tech solution!


What is Addwash?

That’s what Samsung AddWash™ is all about. Washing machines with AddWash™ tech have a handy door compartment, so you can simply pause the wash, add in what you need and keep spinning.

Whether we’re talking stray clothes, detergent or a handwashed garment that just needs a rinse at the end of the cycle, AddWash™ makes it a cinch to add what you want without interrupting the wash.

Samsung Addwash

How to use AddWash™

There’s no need to worry about flooding the kitchen floor! Just follow these steps:

  1. Press the start button to pause the cycle.
  2. Push gently on the upper part of the AddWash door. You should hear a click.
  3. Now pull the handle and the hatch will open.
  4. Add your forgotten laundry or detergent through the opening.
  5. Push the door closed until you hear a click.
  6. Now just press start and the washing cycle will carry on.


When can’t I use AddWash™?

You can open the AddWash™ door at any time in the cycle – unless it’s a hot wash. If the drum temperature is 50°c or above, you won’t be able to use it.


Where can I find AddWash™?

Look for a machine that has the feature (we’ve listed some below). Check out Samsung’s QuickDrive machines that all have AddWash™. Other features that make wash day a breeze include Autodose, which weighs your washing and adds just the right amount of detergent without you having to guess.

If you need advice picking a washing machine that has all the smart features you need, why not talk to one of out in-store experts directly on ShopLive? They’ll be happy to answer all your laundry questions – but they probably won’t be able to help you find that stray sock!


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