How Hotpoint Multiflow ovens help you cook family favourites

An oven that cooks unevenly could be ruining your food – say enough is enough with Hotpoint Multiflow…   

17 Aug 2017

The perils of uneven cooking

When it comes to wholesome family meals, there’s nothing more comforting than a plate of homemade lasagne – the rich, meaty sauce and oozing, stringy cheese. Even better is the Sunday roast: a plateful of crispy roasties, tender beef and dreamy Yorkshire puds lathered in piping hot gravy.

Round it off with a bowl full of apple crumble fresh from the oven, and it’s pretty much game, set and match. But if your oven cooks unevenly, it can all go very wrong – even if you’ve followed the recipe to a T. An uneven oven can leave your:

  • Lasagne with the edges left burnt and the middle uncooked
  • Cake that’s lopsided and uneven or burnt on top and raw inside
  • Sunday joint that’s tough and dry on the outside and underdone in the middle


Cook right through

The best ovens cook food from inside to outside and accurately maintain the temperature as set on the dial. To do this, the oven needs to evenly spread heat throughout the cavity. Enter Hotpoint Multiflow ovens. 


Cook evenly with Multiflow

Most electric ovens use a fan to distribute heat – this is known as convection cooking. Hotpoint Multiflow is a new approach to this, creating an even heat flow that reaches every inch of the oven cavity.


Every last morsel of your meal is cooked to perfection, with no cold spots left over, thanks to multiple flows of heat criss-crossing inside your oven. The shape of the oven itself has been redesigned to improve heat flow.


Maintain the perfect temperature

Temperature control is crucial to successful cooking – too high and your meat will be dry, your pasta bake burnt. Too low and it won’t be cooked.

Unfortunately, some ovens fluctuate wildly from the reading on the dial. Multiflow ovens on the other hand promise a maximum heat variation of 2°C – so when you set your oven to slow roast a joint of brisket at 150°C you can trust it to do the job properly.

How? Intelligent sensors inside the oven ensure accurate temperature control. And to be absolutely sure, some Multiflow ovens come with their own built-in heat probe for testing your joints.

Clean up the mess

Family favourites can be messy affairs. Roasting tins and lasagne dishes bubbling over and spilling sticky ragu and fat onto your oven shelf.

But cleaning is easy with Hotpoint Multiflow ovens as they clean themselves! The interior walls are covered in special catalytic liners that burn grease and food scraps into ash that you can wipe away with a damp cloth – no cleaning products allowed though. 


Get an oven with Multiflow  

The Hotpoint Class 4 benefits from Multiflow technology so you can be sure that whatever you’re preparing, it’ll be cooked right through with no burnt edges or raw bits in the middle. Hotpoint Multiflow 4

With a reliable and on-point oven, you can take your time over cooking without worrying about it being a waste of effort.

Enjoy fantastic family favourites with Hotpoint Multiflow

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