How LG’s new 48-inch OLED puts you in the action

The secret to edge-of-seat gaming? It all starts with an award-winning OLED.

15 Jun 2020

A new generation of LG’s CX series OLEDS are full of some pretty nifty tech – and are racking up the plaudits from the likes of Which? and What HiFi. They’re great all-rounders for all kinds of content – movies, boxsets, even your fave soap gets a visual upgrade.

But LG’s new 48-inch CX, in particular, has some very clever tech under the hood that makes it geared up for gaming. In fact, it won Gaming TV of the Year at T3’s 2020 Awards.

So, whether it’s Minecraft for the kids or you fancy settling down for some Red Dead action, find out how the LG’s award-winning latest OLED can take your gaming up a level.

But let’s start with the basics…


So, what is OLED again?

It stands for organic light-emitting diode. Your screen is made up of thousands of pixels. With traditional LED TVs, that meant lighting those pixels from behind or using strips of lighting on the side of the TV. This means lighting big areas of the screen when you want brightness. It’s not very precise stuff.

The beauty of OLED technology is that each pixel can be lit individually. And, in turn, each pixel can be dimmed separately. That means you can create a much better picture, more precise colours and create much deeper contrasts on the screen.

And what does better contrast mean? Much brighter brights and much darker darks – perfect blacks when it comes to the CX. And it’s that contrast which creates a much more natural-looking picture. So, whether it’s an epic gaming sesh or a movie marathon, what you’re watching looks and feels more realistic and lifelike. And when you want to get lost in the action, that’s everything.


But the bigger the better, right?

That depends. While big screens are a blast, what’s important is picture quality. And if you’re going to use your TV for gaming, you might not want to do that in the front room and have to haggle over screen time.

So, 48 inches is a great size for gaming (bigger than most gaming monitors) but also means you can still enjoy jaw-dropping picture quality in a smaller space – like a bedroom or in a nook of a smaller front room. So, with an OLED TV like the LG Series CX 48-inch, smaller doesn’t have to mean compromise.

And since you have the choice between a stand and wall installation – where you put your new LG TV is up to you.


Is LG going for gaming gold?

And while we’re talking gamers, LG’s new 48 incher has some features which help you get the most from your favourite game. If there’s one thing you want when you’re gaming, it’s to stay immersed in the action.

Say you’re in the middle of a Red Dead Redemption gunfight and there’s lag. One minute you’re blazing away, the next you’re looking for that last save. Suddenly you don’t feel like the cowboy you were five minutes ago!

Fortunately, LG’s Series CX has some clever tech called Free-sync, which takes care of picture lag. There’s also something called G-sync, which matches picture output with source input. All this means that your gunslinging reputation stays untarnished.

Or how about Auto Low Latency mode? This minimises delay between command and action – which is vital if you’re battling it out online. And if it’s a long sesh, the Blue Screen certification that comes with could be a godsend. Less blue light, less chance of eye strain. So, it’s a win-win while you win-win.

And matching the cinematic visuals is Dolby Atmos. Because to stay in the game you need realistic sound which matches up to that perfect picture. And that perfect picture works hard for gamers thanks to something called HGIG – which is special HDR support for gaming. So, your games look as good as they should.

Ready Player One?

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