How much should I spend on a dream kitchen?

Add a professional touch to your kitchen. Here we show you how, with some top tips and great tech ideas.

02 Jul 2019

So, you’ve decided it's time your long-planned kitchen renovation gets under way.

Style-wise you know exactly what you’re after, with dog-eared interior magazines, Pinterest boards and Instagram #KitchenGoals providing the inspiration.

But how much should you spend kitting out your kitchen with new appliances? We asked Sarah Slade, former features editor at ELLE Decoration UK and now co-director of candle company SevenSeventeen for her top tips…


Pay more


Should I pay more for kitchen tech?

“The kitchen is the workhorse of the home but today it’s also where family congregates, dinner parties take place and even businesses are run,” says Sarah Slade. “With this in mind, invest in technology that will enhance these experiences.

“Don’t worry about buying high-end appliances if you can afford them,” Sarah continues, “as they are more likely to stand the test of time – this goes for everything from high-performance appliances and taps to lighting and utensils.”

Another top tip is to remember that premium appliances often have longer guarantees for added peace of mind down the line. And no matter how you use your kitchen, you’ll save energy (and money) if you search out energy-efficient models.




Should you go for great design or great tech?

As you’ll be spending so much time in your lovely new kitchen, it’s vital you know exactly how much of your budget you have to spend on things like units and flooring, and how much you can invest in tasty tech.

As Sarah Slade says, “it’s easy to get seduced when you’re on the shop floor, so make a plan and stick to it.”

Of course, you want your kitchen to look great – there’s no point renovating your kitchen if you’re not going to be happy with the finish.

But when it comes to choosing appliances, Sarah’s advice is to look for appliances that put top tech first.

“For instance, look for appliances like washing machines with low-decibel ratings and improved suspension systems that limit vibrations, to keep noise to a minimum,” she says.

If you’re smitten with an incredible fridge-freezer, washing machine or dishwasher but it doesn’t look all that nice, remember you can always integrate it.


bosch oven


How to pick integrated appliances

While it’s important to bear in mind that integrated appliances can cost up to 50% more than freestanding appliances, they do give you a more practical, spacious kitchen.

As for styling them, “it’s easy to conceal most big appliances seamlessly behind kitchen cabinet doors,” says Sarah. “Always try to book-match with the surrounding wood grain if this is a feature.

“Why not follow suit with a remote-controlled, flush-to-the-ceiling extractor fan panel and choose touch-screen induction oven technology instead of clunky knobs, for a minimalist finish.”

Then again, if you’re short on space and don’t mind making your appliances a feature…


How to pick freestanding appliances

This is a less expensive option and gives you more choice. Modern units are usually finished in cool stainless steel or sleek black, and come with clean lines and elegant touches.

Just make sure they fit with your kitchen’s design. Here’s Sarah’s advice: “It’s cheaper to match the appliances to your kitchen than the other way around. So, shop for appliances that fit the style and layout of your kitchen cabinets and worktops.”

To get the best look, she recommends going for “purist materials like glass and stainless steel” and always choosing an anti-smear finish.

“Don’t forget counter-top appliances, too. The new wave of slimline microwaves resembles sophisticated music systems, ideal if placed close to a dining or lounging area.”


Investing in a new kitchen?

Here are our top picks for appliances that mix style with substance…

samsung quickdrive

Samsung QuickDrive Smart Washing Machine

In a nutshell: Wash things fast and add clothes mid-wash

With this Samsung washing machine, you can get things washed faster. It creates a fast water flow that covers the entire drum, and because the detergent penetrates deep into fabrics, you get a more thorough wash.

Another innovation is ecobubble technology, which works by mixing air, water and detergent to create bubbles that wash your clothes faster. Plus, it's better for the environment and even helps you save on your bills.

If you've forgotten to add a stray sock – we’ve all done it – or maybe want to add some extra softener, you can use the AddWash door. The small opening in the main door can be opened as long as the temperature is below 50°C.

Bosch Serie 6 Full-size Integrated Dishwasher

In a nutshell: A quiet, spacious, fast-drying dishwasher

bosch serie 6 dishwasher

You’ll be pleased to hear that this Bosch dishwasher dries things brilliantly, so you won’t need tea towels cluttering up your new kitchen.

This dishwasher also does away with loud disruptive noises, which can spoil relaxing evenings in your new space – or your sleep. Running at a whisper-quiet 41 decibels, it’s perfect if you want to wake up to clean and sparkling kitchenware. And those delicate items won’t be damaged thanks to its protective clean program.

And here’s a feature that we liked – the time light, which shows you how much of the wash program remains by projecting the time onto the floor. Just the thing for a futuristic new kitchen!

Interested? Get a Bosch Serie 6 Full-size Integrated Dishwasher


Bosch HBS573BS0B Electric Oven

In a nutshell: Perfectly cooked food – and easy to clean

bosch oven

Good news – there’s no more need to swap your spuds and Yorkshires halfway through with this oven. 3D Hotair technology evenly distributes heat across three levels so you'll get perfectly cooked food whichever shelf you use.

And you can spend less time cleaning and more time cooking with the pyrolytic self-cleaning feature, which will save you money too. Pyrolytic cleaning works by heating the oven to a high temperature, reducing any dirt and food to ash – then you just wipe it away after.

The AutoPilot 10 makes sure every dish is a success thanks to 10 pre-set automatic programmes. Choose the right mode and the oven will get to work for you.

Get a Bosch HBS573BS0B Electric Oven


Shopping around for stylish and innovative tech for your new kitchen? See our range of large appliances

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