How to care for the clothes you love

Give your clothes the love and attention they deserve with our practical advice that will keep them looking great year after year…

03 Mar 2017

What you wear has always been important to you, with classic pieces, basics by heritage brands and must-haves from recent collections dominating your wardrobe. To keep them looking their best you need to look after them.

Store clothes properly to ensure they last

Folding or hanging your clothes the right way will help them hold their shape and last much longer. Certain fabrics need special care, here’s our quick guide:

  • Denim: Wash jeans inside out to retain their colour – and stretch out the fabric before hanging out to dry
  • Knitwear: Carefully fold and stack – hanging them up in your wardrobe can stretch the fibres
  • Cashmere: Protect from moths by hanging sprigs of fresh rosemary in the wardrobe
  • Merino wool: When drying, keep away from heat sources like radiators
  • Wool: Coats should be cleaned at the beginning and the end of the season and never stored in plastic
  • Silk: Never wring out after washing – roll the garment in a towel and press the water out

Did you know? You should only wash your jeans after several wears or if they’re very dirty. This will help keep them fitted to your shape.

Follow the laundry labels for longevity

Universal laundry symbols tell you how the manufacturer recommends you look after the garment to keep it looking its best. But they can be confusing to understand.

Learn more about washing labels


Choose a washing machine that’s kind to clothes

Caring for your favourite clothes becomes easy when you have the latest luxury appliances. Take the new laundry line from AEG. The AEG 9000 Series gives you…


No fading – wash after wash

Colours remain vibrant with SoftWater Technology. It purifies the water to deliver a 60º wash at 30º – dramatically reducing colour fading.bright colour protection

Fully dissolved detergent

Every trace of detergent and softener is dissolved before reaching the drum. ?KOMix technology means detergent gets to work straightaway.


Clothes aren’t over-washed

Pro Sense™ accurately weighs your laundry and adjusts the energy consumption and cycle time for every load. Say goodbye to over-washing. 


What about the tumble dryer?

In the same way AEG has also developed a tumble dryer that’s designed to deal with delicates. The AEG 8000 Series tumble dryer with AbsoluteCare gives you…


Tailored drying

The dryer recognises different fabrics and creates a cycle with heat and drum movement tailored to suit your garment.


Wool sweaters that don’t shrink

Bespoke cycles dry clothes flat against the side of the drum so there’s no shrinkage. No wonder it gets the thumbs-up from Woolmark.


Silk blouses that stay in shape

Silk garments are held gently aloft when drying, keeping their shape and reducing wrinkles just as well as natural drying. 

See the full range of washing machines.

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