How to create an immersive movie night at home

26 Jul 2017

The cost of cinema tickets has rocketed over the past few years, so it’s no surprise most of us prefer Netflix for catching up on the latest films. But if you’re a movie buff who still loves that immersive cinema feel, there are easy ways to recreate the silver screen experience at home. Whether it’s mixing up some Sex and the City-style cocktails or creating a movie night fort in your living room, here are some top tips for hosting a big blockbuster night in.

Switch up your snacks

Popcorn and sweets don’t have to be the only snacks on the movie night menu. With a little thought and creativity, your food options can a bring a new sensory element to the film. Hosting an Alice in Wonderland film night? Impress your guests with an afternoon tea or finger food spread. You’ll get major points for originality, plus, your friends and family will almost feel part of the Mad Hatters party.


Mad Hatter-style finger food went down a treat at our #ImmersiveNightIn

Sip like the stars

If you’re watching an old-school classic like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, why not serve a few glasses of champagne at regular intervals, to add to the experience. Ditch movie staples like Coke and fizzy drinks, and opt for more movie-inspired beverages to get your guests fully immersed. It’ll stimulate the sense of taste, as well as sight and sound, making your evening truly multisensory.

Serve movie-themed cocktails to create a fully immersive evening

Get cushions and blankets at the ready

Rugs, blankets, pillows, throws… Leave no cushion unturned in your efforts to create an ultra-comfy zone for friends. Get in touch with your inner child by creating a fort on your living room floor, complete with bed spreads and pillows. Your guests will be able to stretch out and kick back in it. Plus, the space is perfect if your sofa’s only big enough for two.

 Fill the room with cushions, blankets and throws for added comfort

 Invest in tip-top tech

We’ve all been there – getting comfy on the sofa for an eagerly anticipated movie night, only to be let down last minute by hard-to-hear sound. Get your audio right for the big night by investing in surround sound speakers, or a TV that comes with an audio system in-built. Many Sony OLED TVs come with Acoustic Surface technology that provides an immersive experience where the image and sound appear to come straight from the screen. Invest in the right tech and you’ll be able to catch even the faintest whisper in the film, plus your set-up will be the envy of all your friends.

A Sony OLED 4K TV is the perfect addition to any home cinema set-up


We teamed up with Sony to host our own immersive film night, and invited some of our favourite bloggers to join us. Guests were treated to a multisensory movie-themed evening complete with Sex and the City-themed cocktails, Alice in Wonderland-themed finger food and an acrobatic performance to some of the best-known movie soundtracks.

Acrobats danced to well-known movie soundtracks at the Sony and Currys PC World event

If you’re after a state-of-the-art TV that can offer you a truly immersive experience, explore our great range of Sony TVs at Currys PC World.


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