How to create the perfect footy den with LG

Come on you OLEDs!

12 May 2021

Getting ready for the Euros? You’ve got the footy shirt, your fave drinks are on ice and you’ve bagsied the best spot on the sofa. So, what’s missing from your perfect summer set up?

How about a TV and soundbar combo that really makes you feel like you’re on the touchline? There’s no need to cross the Channel to feel part of the action when LG’s tech can bring it all to your front room.

LG speaker and soundbar

You will need:


OLED for the win

If you’ve never sat in front of an LG OLED you’re missing out on some amazing viewing. Because LG’s tiny pixels light up independently it means you get incredible contrast – with the deepest blacks and most vivid colour. This gives you an incredibly lifelike picture – so you feel like you’re at the stadium soaking in every minute of the action.

Go for the LG OLED CX 65- inch and you’ll get a big screen for the big game. And there’s no need to channel surf. Just speak into the remote, and the voice assistant will do the searching for you. Plus, the picture looks great wherever you sit - from the plum spot on the sofa, to the kitchen chair ‘overflow seating’ off to the side!

Super smooth action

When the ball is moving around the pitch at speed and its counterattack time in the dying minutes of the match, you don’t want to miss a thing. And that’s where LG OLED scores a winner. The picture stays smooth and seamless without screen blur. You’ll be able to follow every pass, every bit of skill and every dodgy tackle. Eat your heart out, VAR!

Match times levelled up

4K Ultra HD display resolution will make the match look amazing. But however you’re watching the big game, the super smart α9 Gen3 processor optimises and upscales. So that whatever you’re watching looks its very best. Whether that’s the live match from a major broadcaster or all the highlights on Youtube.

LG OLED TV and soundbar

2. LG wireless soundbar

What’s a winning goal without the roar of the crowd? It’s half the excitement. So, when you’re setting up your footy den, don’t forget about a sound bar to get things pitch perfect. While LG OLEDs TVs come with great quality speakers, the right sound bar will take things to the next level. 

The LG SN11 7.1.4 Wireless Sound Bar is a great pick. Because it supports Dolby Atmos / DTS:X, you get immersive surround sound at home. And it includes rear speakers, so it’s like you’re right in the crowd!

It serves up rich, deep sound that you feel right in the middle of. So, you’ll be right there for every long ball thump, every blasting whistle and every crack of the net when the ball goes in. Gooooal!

And because it’s wireless, you can set up your soundbar just the way you like it without getting tangled up in cables.


Ready for kick off?

We’re here to make the most of all the action. Get more tips on making your living room ready for the Euros.

Game on!

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