How to keep your dishwasher clean

Clean dishwasher, clean dishes… we’ll show you how!

12 Feb 2021

Dishwashers wash themselves, right? Wrong. Yes, there’s lots of hot water and detergent being flung around in there – but there are also nasties like old food, limescale and undissolved detergent. And after plenty of washes this nasty gunk builds up. Yuck!

What’s worse, dirty dishwasher means spotty plates and cloudy glasses. So how do you make sure that your cups are clean and plates perfect after every wash?

Fortunately, there are some really simple things you can do which can make all the difference. So, marigolds on and let’s get down to business!


1. Clear your plate

If you’ve not licked your plate clean, you’re bound to have bits of food still on your plate that would be better in the bin than clogging up your dishwasher. And contrary to what your mum says, there’s no need to pre-soak your dishes either. Just make sure to scrape off any food before they go in for a wash.


2. Clean your filter

Inevitably, there will be food that gets washed off your cutlery and crockery in the process. And that’s what the dishwasher filter is there for. But you need to make sure that filter can do its job. So it will need a weekly rinse.

You’ll find it on the floor of your dishwasher. Just pull it out and give it a rinse under the tap. If it’s extra dirty, give it a scrub with a brush and some detergent.  

3. Use a glass of vinegar

Fill a glass with white vinegar and pop it in your empty dishwasher. Then let it run a hot cycle. The vinegar will break down any tough spots of food, soap scum and dirt. And don’t worry, it won’t make the dishwasher smell!

4. Give it a deep clean

Even dishwashers need a spa day. So, every so often, it’s a great idea to don the apron and some heavy-duty rubber gloves and give your machine a proper clean. That means removing the trays and baskets and getting to work on them with a sponge or toothbrush. A handy toothpick is great for removing food from the spray arm too.

Depending on what you prefer, you can either use detergent or vinegar. You can also sprinkle some bicarb of soda to really fizz off the filth.

The important thing is to get down to work with a sponge and really make sure it’s clean. Make sure you give the door seals wipe. It’s amazing how dirt can build up.  


5. Get self-cleaning tech

Not every dishwasher is the same. And although we’d heavily recommend sticking to the tips above, some are better than others at keeping themselves clean. So, if keeping your dishwasher clean seems like too much of a chore, there are lots of brilliant tech solutions.

Any suggestions?

Many Grundig dishwashers have a self-cleaning filter. When your dishwasher is on, the inside of the filter has its very own sprinkler to make sure it stays clean. This also prolongs filter life by up to 12 months. Bonus!

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