How to keep your kids safe on Xbox

If your kids are Xbox enthusiasts, the Xbox Family Settings App (Preview) has you covered…

30 Jun 2020

Gaming on Xbox is a fantastic way to help kids stay connected, have fun and even learn. But we all know that some games just aren’t appropriate for younger eyes and ears.

That’s where the Xbox Family Settings App (Preview) comes in. It’s a simple app that lets you control what and how much your child’s playing on their Xbox. Just download it onto your phone, create a child account and you can keep an eye out remotely. So how exactly can it help?


Create multiple accounts

Maybe you’ve got teens, tweens or even younger in your family. If a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for you, you can create different child accounts. Each can have their own limits and settings- decided by you.


Set screen time limits

It’s a beautiful day outside and your kid’s cooped up on the Xbox? Or maybe Fortnite is a becoming a little bit too big a part of their life? No worries.

You can use the app to set a limit on the amount they play. And it’s super flexible too- you can set specific limits for each day of the week. That means you can adjust it for holidays or weekends- or even reduce it when they’ve got a big homework assignment!


Keep the content kid-friendly

Xbox have loads of games for all ages- but some might not always be right for your child. Or right for one, but not for another.

All games on Xbox will have PEGI ratings – recommendations on whether or not it’s appropriate for your kid to play a certain game based on their age. So, for example, a PEGI 7 game is okay for kids of 7 and up to play. But it might be too mature for someone younger.

The Xbox Family Settings App (Preview) lets you set filters based on the age of your child. So they’ll only be able to access and play games that are appropriate for their age group. Any games that fall outside that will be blocked.

Keep them safe online

One of the best things about Xbox- the ability to play online with players from all over the world. It makes it great for staying connected with friends.

Sometimes though, you might feel it’s best for your children to only talk to people they know. When it comes to online play, strangers aren’t always welcome.

Go to the play and communications settings, and you can make sure your kid’s safe online. Set a ‘friends only’ limit. Or even block all access to play and communication with other players. And later this year, Xbox will also allow app users to view and manage their child’s friends list too.


Check in with their activity

You can’t always be there, but sometimes it’s helpful to know what your kid’s up to. With activity reports, you can view daily and weekly reports to check their Xbox activity.

Maybe there’s a game that’s at their PEGI rating but you’re still not comfortable with them playing. Or you want to make sure they’re not spending too much time on one game. Activity reports will help you understand exactly what’s going on.


Real-time notifications straight to your phone

The app lets you respond to notifications as soon as they’re sent. So, if you’re out, busy or in another room, your kid can send you a notification from their Xbox then and there.

For example, your child might have a friend over. Rather than leaving their friend to ask if they could have more screen time, they can request to extend the limit there and then. You can then choose to grant or deny the request from your phone. Easy!


How do I get hold of the app?

The Xbox Family Settings App is available to now in preview to download- for all Android users and the first 10,000 people on iOS.

Click here to download for Android

Click here to download for iOS

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