How to measure if a new fridge freezer will fit

Whether you’re first-time fridge buyers or looking for an upgrade to suit a growing family, it’s important to measure up before buying a new appliance.

21 Aug 2018

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Save yourself a whole load of unnecessary hassle with our how to guide to ensure a new fridge will slide right into place.

We’ve covered all the pitfalls, so all you have to do is follow 7 easy steps.


1. Height, width and depth

It seems pretty self-explanatory but there are a few need-to-knows when it comes to measuring up your allotted fridge space. You need to measure:

  • the height of the space from top to bottom
  • the width from side to side
  • the depth of the opening, from the back wall to the front edge of your counters

Top tip: Repeat these steps from different spots just in case your floor or cabinets aren’t completely even.


2. Will it get through the door?

If you want your fridge to fit into place with all its corners, the door frame and your sanity intact – make sure you’ve measured the entry points before you buy.

This includes any doorways, hallways and corners that your fridge will come into contact with.

Reach inside fridge freezer

3. Can you reach inside it?

If you’re struggling to get the mayo out of the fridge door every time you make a quick snack – it’s going to get a bit annoying.

  • Lots of fridge freezers open 90 degrees or more so drawers and compartments can be accessed properly
  • Don’t forget to check the doors won’t hit cupboards, counters or other appliances


4. Avoid any collateral damage

Your fridge might sit snuggly in place – but watch out for how tight the space is. Every time you open it the hinges may scrape against the kitchen wall – you know the one you just painted?

  • Leave enough space on the hinge side of the fridge for the door to open without it hitting the walls.

Top Tip: Allow around 5cm of extra space so the hinge can work properly and keep your walls blemish free.

Fridge room to breathe

5. Give your fridge room to breathe

Don’t forget your appliance needs enough room to reach its full potential. If it’s too close to the back wall it could end up using more energy than necessary.

  • Make sure you have about 2cm of extra space above and behind the fridge
  • Denying it proper ventilation could cause your fridge to use up extra energydamaging the motor or compressor


6. Can you pull it out to clean the floor?

It gets pretty dirty beneath appliances so do yourself a favour and make sure you can get at the grime easily.

  • Dust and dirt can build up fast and will affect performance if left to takeover
  • Leave space on all sides of the fridge so it slides in and out easily for cleaning.

fridge fit body

7. Does it need plumbing in?

It’s great owning a fridge with fancy features but there’s no point having an ice maker if you can’t plug it into a water supply.

  • If you’re considering a fridge with a water or ice dispenser that requires plumbing, do your research.
  • You’ll need to install it within 5m of the nearest water source


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