How to mirror your Android phone to your TV

Here are some simple steps to help you mirror your Android phone to your TV, whether it’s smart or not…

03 Jun 2019

Sharing is caring, as they say, so why can’t that apply to our phones? Well, it can! And we don’t mean Facebook or Snapchat. You can share what’s on your phone screen right there on your TV for the whole room to see, whether it be a holiday slideshow or hilarious comment thread.

Now, you might be thinking ‘well, I’m not a technical wizard, I can’t do all that stuff’, but the good news is, we’ve broken it all down into some simple steps to help. Now no one will be left trying to peek over a shoulder trying to get in on the fun.


What is screen mirroring?


The clue is in the name! Screen mirroring lets you ‘mirror’ what’s on your phone to your TV screen or external monitor, without needing to plug it in. The TV will show exactly what’s happening on the phone, so if you’re playing a game or a film, any movement or pauses will happen in real-time on the TV screen too.

Although an actual mirror will flip what you see horizontally, screen mirroring won’t do this, it just replicates what’s on your phone to the TV. It’s a useful feature for showing off content, like your pictures and videos, and can even come in handy at work for documents and presentations.

We usually have our phones with us wherever we go, so if you find yourself at your mate’s and you’re all sat there thumbing through your phones, you could even show off a bit and start mirroring to their TV – see how long it takes anyone to notice!


How to screen mirror your Android device


Usually, screen mirroring needs some software on both the device you’re sending from and the TV you want to show the content. How you do it will depend on whether you’ve got a Smart TV or not, so let’s take a look.

Mirroring Android phone to TV


Mirroring from an Android phone to a Smart TV

Most recent Android devices will have some sort of screen mirroring software built-in, so here’s how to mirror to your Smart TV.

  1. Make sure your Smart TV is turned on and connected to the internet.
  2. On your Android phone, open the notification panel and look for screen mirroring or something similar. Different versions of Android will use different terms, so watch out for what your phone does.
  3. Your phone will search for ‘available devices’. Tap the name of your TV when you see it in the list. If you don’t see it, double check that it’s not gone into standby mode and that it’s connected to the internet.
  4. Your phone should connect to your TV and start to mirror the screen automatically.
  5. When you’re done, just open the notification panel on your phone and tap screen mirroring (or whatever your handset says) again to turn it off.


Mirroring from an Android phone to a non-smart TV

To get your phone to connect wirelessly to a TV that doesn’t connect to the internet on its own, you’ll need an accessory to help you. One of the easiest to use is the Google Chromecast, so these steps will show you how to use one to mirror your phone to your non-smart TV.

  1. Set up your Google Chromecast with your TV. Make sure you set it up on the same Wi-Fi network that your phone is connected to.
  2. Now your TV is just like a Smart TV! You can use the same steps as above to mirror from your phone onto the big screen.


The great thing about a Chromecast is that it’s small enough to take with you anywhere. So if you’re going to see one of your friends or family members who you know always has the same channels playing, you can take it with you can bring it with you and surprise them with something new right there on their own TV. You might even convince them to pick up one of their own!

Want a Google Chromecast? We've got you covered.


What’s the difference between screen mirroring and screen casting?


Screen casting is the same as media streaming, and the big difference between this and screen mirroring is the way the content is shown on the TV.

When you’re casting, you can display the content you want, such as playing a video, and then use your phone to do something else without the playback being interrupted, so in effect your phone is being used as a media streamer.


If you want a TV that’ll let you mirror your phone’s screen, check out our range of Smart TVs

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