How to prepare your home for your new washer dryer

Your washer dryer’s all set and ready to go. But before we install it, make sure you’ve been through our handy checklist.

13 Sep 2020

So you’ve bought a new washer dryer and booked your installation with Team Currys. What now? There are a few things you’ll need to get set up. That way, we can get your new tech ready to go as quickly as possible.


Step 1: Plan the best route

Check that it’s easy for us to get to your home. Most of the time, the Team Currys colleague will be driving in a small lorry. So, we’ll need an accessible road and a space to park.

Now you need to check your washing machine has enough room to get to [its location] the space you’ve chosen. Walk through from where it’s being delivered to where it’s being fitted. Measure hallways and doorways and move any stuff that might be in its way. Simple!

There’ll also need to be someone 18 or over to sign for your delivery and installation.



Step 2: Measure the space

You might have done this before you bought your washer-dryer, but it’s always good to double-check!

Grab your tape measure and head over to the space where your new washing machine’s going to be fitted. You need to measure these three things carefully and accurately: the height, the width and the depth. All of our machines have the measurements listed on their product page. So it’s easy to find and check the right one for you.

Plus, it’s a really good idea to check you’ve got enough room to properly open your machine- for loading and unloading.

And, for proper ventilation, you need a 2.5cm gap either side and 15cm at the back. So make sure to subtract these from your width and depth measurements!


Step 3: Check your connections

Once you know it’ll fit, you need to check you’ve got all the right connections. Those will either be at the back wall where your washer’s being fitted or under your sink. You’ll need:

  • A cold water supply
  • A waste water pipe
  • An electrical connection

These should be about 1.5m or less from where your new washer dryer will be. We can’t make any adjustments to your plumbing or electrics – so please get in touch with an electrician or plumber if you need anything fixed before we come over.

And you’ll need to see if you have a plug socket. If you don’t, it may be that your current washer’s hard wired. That’s where the electrical cable is wired directly into the electrical connection. If that’s the case, please phone us on 0344 451 1234 once you’ve placed your order so that we can get the right team to fix this for you.

Also if you’ve got any stuff in in the way of those things- like cleaning products or crockery – please could you move it somewhere out of the way before we get there.


Step 5: have your Wi-fi password at the ready

This last one’s only if you have a smart washer dryer. We’ll need to connect it up to the internet, so have your WiFi network name and password to hand.

You’ll also need access to the tablet or phone that you would like us to install and set-up any apps to control your new smart washer.

Ready? Now we can install you new washer-dryer. Enjoy your new tech!

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