How to protect wardrobe staples – from LBDs to wool sweaters

That LBD from your first date or that favourite wool jumper, clothes tell the story of your life. Look after them properly with AEG…

24 Feb 2017

That LBD (little black dress) worn on your first date, the jeans that fit like no others. Your winter go-to wool jumper that cost a week’s wages, your baby’s first winter coat. 

These are more than just clothes. They’re sentimental items tied into defining moments of your life. Putting them on, or simply holding or smelling them, can take you right back. Treat them with the utmost care with the latest washing machine technology from AEG.LBD 

Keep your favourite LBD black

Your little black dress is your go-to classic for girls’ nights and work cocktails. But sunlight and laundering fades colours over time.

Keep your LBD bold and beautiful with an AEG washing machine that dramatically reduces colour fade.


Bring your wool sweater in from the cold

You’ve pulled on your merino wool sweater for countless country walks, but with dry cleaning expensive (and inconvenient), you’re wearing it less. Make it a key piece in your wardrobe once again.

Woolmark say the wool programme found on AEG washing machines is as gentle as washing by handÖKOMix™ technology pre-mixes detergents with water before they enter the drum for a gentler 30º wash that reaches every fibre.OkoMix

And when you dry your sweater in the AEG 8000 series tumble dryer with AbsoluteCare™, there’s no shrinkage thanks to the precision movement of the drum.

‘You can have the confidence to put woollen garments into the machine without risk of destroying them,’ says Woolmark. 

Love your favourite wool sweater with the 8000 series tumble dryer and the 8000 series washing machine. 


Tumble-dry your silk shirt

Silk items are incredibly delicate and often precious – whether it’s a designer blouse to celebrate a promotion, or a scarf inherited from a much-loved relative.

Silk is fragile and shouldn’t be twisted or roughly handled. Care labels recommend you ‘do not tumble dry’ so you don’t. Absolute care

But AEG shows you can safely tumble dry silk. Precise drum movement holds the garment gently aloft, reducing wrinkles and shapelessness when you’re using an AEG dryer with AbsoluteCare™.

Keep your silks in shape with the AEG 8000 series tumble dryer


The waterproof veteran of family walks

Whether you’re walking the dog or tackling the fells on a spring afternoon, you’ll be wearing your trusty waterproof jacket. You’ve had it for years, and it’s almost like a second skin or a comfortable pair of slippers. You don’t like to wash it because you’re concerned about ruining its waterproof lining.Waterproof

But you can restore the waterproofing with AEG AbsoluteCare™ tumble drying. How? It tailors the drying temperature to reactivate the waterproof membranes in your jacket. 

Wear your waterproof again and again with the AEG 8000 series tumble dryer


Give cherished clothes a longer life

Clothes with sentimental value only get more important as years pass by. Help them last longer by washing at lower temperatures. Your clothes will look good for longer when washed at 30º, while there’ll also be less wear. AEG ÖKOMix™ technology is designed to give you a 30º wash that’s as effective as 40º.

With a thorough yet gentle wash, it cleans your clothes without exposing them to higher temperatures. It works by pre-mixing water, detergent and softener so it can completely dissolve and soak deep into the fibres of your clothes. Every fibre is cleaned and cared for. 

Help clothes live longer with the AEG 9000 series washing machine

AEG l9fsc949r

Better understand your clothes

Care labels can be confusing. Learn how to launder your most precious clothes by using the My AEG app on your phone. You can find tips on choosing programmes and detergents to suit different types of clothes, as well as advice on things like pre-treating stains.

Show your cherished clothes some love with the AEG range

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