How to ride a hoverboard

A few top tips on getting the balancing act just right.

21 Jul 2021

Thinking of getting a hoverboard? We explain everything you need to know about hoverboards here.

Got a new hoverboard and ready to start riding it? Then you’re in the right place. Read on for our top tips, and you’ll be moving off safely in no time at all.

Before you get on board…

Before you even think about putting foot to board, make sure you’re properly kitted out. Even the most skilful hoverboarder takes the odd spill when they start out, so wear a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads. Wear some thick padded clothing too!

Now you just need to make sure your hoverboard is calibrated, and you’re good to go. It should already be calibrated when it comes out the box – but it’s still worth checking this. Your instruction manual will have details on how to calibrate your hoverboard, and it’s usually something like:

•            Turn off the hoverboard. Completely – not just on standby!

•            Place it on a flat level surface.

•            Hold the power button down for 5 seconds until you hear a beep.

•            Wait until the light stops flashing.

How to ride your hoverboard

Okay, you’re ready to ride your hoverboard. Follow these five simple steps to get going:

1. Get used to the feel of your hoverboard. Before you get up on your hoverboard, get used to the feel of it. Put one foot on it and give it a wiggle, so you’re aware of which parts will move when you’re on it.

2. Stand on your board. Now carefully stand on the platform (also known as ‘pedals’) between the wheels. Do this one foot at a time, starting with the foot you’re most comfortable using (if you play football, try the one you kick with). Make sure it feels balanced and well centred. The tips of your toes should just be hanging over the front of the platform, and the balls of your feet should be firmly placed on the rear of the platform. Now do the same with your other foot, keeping both feet as far away as possible.

Top tip: The first time you get on your hoverboard, have a friend standing next to you so you can lean on them for support.

3. Start moving carefully. It’s easy to start moving. Just lean forwards on the balls of your feet slightly… and off you go.

Top tip: Try not to bend at the waist when you lean. The only movement should be in the balls of your feet.

4. Learn to slow down and stop. Slowing and stopping is the opposite of starting. So, all you need to do is lean back on the balls of your feet slightly, and you’ll safely slow down to a gentle stop. Then carefully step off the back, one foot at a time.

Top tip: A lot of hoverboard riders find stepping off the most difficult. If you’re having trouble, imagine you’re climbing down a set of stairs and confidently step off in the same way.

5. Learn to turn. Push down your left toes to turn right. Push down your right toes to turn left. That’s all there is to it, but here’s a final top tip…

Top tip: The harder you push down your toes, the sharper you’ll turn. If you want to try spinning in a circle, try pushing down your toes on one foot and pushing down the heel on your other foot.

Where can I ride a hoverboard?

It’s your responsibility to comply with local and country laws, so make sure you know the latest government regulations on where you can legally ride your hoverboards At the time of writing, hoverboards can be used on private land with the landowner's permission – but not on public highways.

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